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  • Neil

    I was going to ask how much longer Southeast/Vini Fantini/whatever could go on for. Then I remembered Astana.

  • Bex

    L.Morton is a frustration for me. It’s great he’s open and shares as much as he does, I really enjoy his candour during interviews as well as all the other projects he does (whereabouts). At the same time it’s hard not to be frustrated at him for what sounds like wasting away so many opportunities as a pro.

    • Gavin Adkins

      Yeah, I’m not a fan. I mean he comes across as a nice enough guy, but there’s nothing meaningful about doing something half-arsed.

    • Ron

      Yeah I guess he can go half ass at the pro thing if he wants. Just don’t be too surprised when it doesn’t last too long and you get replaced. Standard employee/employer arrangement.

  • Derek Maher

    Froome gave his Team hell in that TT,He was pulling to hard on his turns and blowing out fellow team mates.Roche barely hung on for the last couple of Ks.Froome needs to practice team work.
    Well the standard doping control worked with catching some riders on the juice.Seems they did not need umpteen vested interests getting in on the act looking for a slice of the money action.


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