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  • Lanceyboy

    You reckon theyll make Ben Foster overcook the hairpin, ride thru the grass field and remount the road? That would be cool.

    • Marcus

      From that trailer, Ben Foster has done an incredible job of replicating Lance’s characteristics. Looking forward to seeing this…

      • Michele

        I think he’s done a good job as well. That said, I personally have a problem with the casting of Ben as LA.

        When I see him do the LA crazy eye look, it reminds me too much of his [brilliant role] in 3:10 to Yuma. Side point: he actually looks more like Vino when he’s on the exercise bike… Different Program I guess.

        My German isn’t that good, but I’m sure David Walsh is saying “have you tried turning it off and on again”. I wonder what he means by that??

        • Moss

          I think you’re right Michele, he definitely said “have you tried turning it off and then turning it on again”. I have the internet in a box over there in the corner so I would know.

          • Michele

            You have? You sure??

            Because I brought the internet off ebay the other week. It wasn’t cheap. Bit smaller than I thought too. I’ve even got a picture of it ….

            • Moss

              That’s definitely the internet alright, mine must be a fake.

    • dbranson

      Some brave soul would then need to play Joseba Beloki!

    • Kieran Degan

      I still reckon Steve Buscemi should have been Dr Ferrari.

      • Happy Gilmore

        Hahahahhahaha gold. But then Adam Sandler would have to make a cameo….Maybe as The Badger?

        • Kieran Degan

          Johan Bruyneel maybe?

  • Michele

    Hope TSP didn’t read Nibali’s comments about how much harder the TdF will be then the Giro.

    Though some might agree with part of his comments made:

    “He spent a lot of energy at the Giro and the level here is so high at the Tour. If he were to do the Tour he would need a different preparation, but it could certainly happen next year.”

  • Andy B

    Having the trailer in german works well in making Lance seem evil

    • Is german the language of the pure evil? ;-)
      By the way, English and German share the same roots.

      • Andy B

        I think I’ve watch too many of those hitler rant videos

        • That’s a good explanation. And I think german sounds a bit aggressive.


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