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  • jules

    if that film portrays his teammates as just wanting to ride their bikes, but Lance making them take drugs, I’m gonna be sick all over the theatre. I may just go and see it purely for that opportunity to leave my feedback.

    • Steel

      I’m going to tape my two litre coke to the cinema wall and jab it straight into a vein.

      • jules

        it’d be fun to turn up in full Team Discovery kit and yellow jersey. i still see the odd person riding around in that stuff :)

        • Steel

          Could be like the blues bros thing at the Valhalla for those melburnites old enough to remember that. I’ll go as joseba beloki. I’ve kind of got the hair to pull it off.

          • jules

            break a leg!

        • Bracksy


      • Tom Boonen

        Coke straight into the vein? I’m in!

    • Dave

      It will still probably be far better than the execrable Alex Gibney doco which was a waste of bandwidth.

    • Sam

      Maybe time for another CT Movie night?

  • Callum Dwyer

    Tour of the Murray River and the Tour of Gippsland gone for good?

    • Arfy

      ToG “postponed”, so it may reappear later in the year. ToM cancelled for this year, I suspect its future will depend on the outcome of CA’s review of the NRS.

  • Kieran Degan

    Great stage last night. Teejay looked the goods. What happened to Nibali? a glimpse of the French renaissance and Sky back to their old tricks too. What I find funny is that Sky gave their “full support” to Richie at the Giro, but that “full support” looked entirely different to last nights support of Froome. I know it was a different team supporting Richie, and I know Tinkov and Astana were working hard etc, but the support approach still looks entirely different.

    • Whippet

      Perhaps ‘full support’ for someone leaving team sky does not equal ‘full support’ for someone team sky is hoping will stay? I agree it was a great stage. Bardet’s descent had me gasping out loud. Risky, but he clearly knew the road. Although sky’s pace cracked Valverde and Nibali, van Garderen looked stronger than Froome at the finish and Intxausti looked his equal. Intxausti stated that he is now the team leader for movistar. I wonder if Nibali will work for Scarponi (1 minute on him)?

      • Dave

        And whether the leader is leaving Sky or not, ‘full support’ from a bunch of second-stringers (at what Sky sees as a second-rate race) who aren’t even awake enough to have a rider behind Richie as his ‘bodyguard’ (read Cameron Wurf’s blog on CT from the Vuelta a couple of years ago to understand the role) is a little different to the ‘full support’ the first-string lineup will give Froome at the big race in July.

    • donncha

      Nibali is probably just training through the Dauphiné aiming for a Tour peak. His coach mentioned that last year he did a few efforts at key points to see where he was, but wasn’t that interested in the full mano-a-mano showdown all the way to the line. Yesterday was seemed v. hot, at least based on the salt stains on one of the Lotto rider’s kit, so perhaps that was an issue too?

      Not sure what the problem with SKY’s support for Richie is? Both Kyrienka and Siutsou looked strong in the final week when it would have counted, but Richie was long gone by that point so we’ll never know.

      • Robert Merkel

        Yep. Looked like Nibali just punched the clutch and rode at something considerably under full gas to the line. He didn’t look particularly stressed as he neared the top.

    • BarkingOwl

      I thought that Sky were playing it smart at the Giro by saving themselves for later in race instead of drilling it at the front from the get-go. The only problem is that they had to be around Richie when he punctured. Looks like they’re going back to plan A.

  • Nathan Hosking

    I just want to know where I can get my helmet painted like those in the final pic!

    • Bex

      bunnings, paint isle, gold spray. not a fan of the gold front, should have kept it in team colours.

      • Nathan Hosking

        He he, tho for a ‘team’ those jerseys are all pretty variable, I can’t tell what the team colours are supposed to be… Anyway, Sun Graphics do helmets (http://www.sungraphics.com.au/category/helmets/), but bang for buck I’m probs better off with a speed suit.

        • Dave

          Two national champions in that pic to add some variety. All the top riders with $pesh-lululemon jumped over to the open arms of Boels-Dolmans during last year when the two naming rights sponsors jumped ship.

  • Bex

    What’s the trigger for CA decision to ‘review’ the NRS mid season? I thought things were going well, good racing with a handful of euro’s over riding for NRS teams. seems very odd to me.

    • jules

      probably financial. it’s fairly invisible and doesn’t have the strong profile you’d imagine would attract enough sponsors to pay for the thing.

  • haitch

    Lefty on a gravel bike? Good lawd.

    • De Mac

      So, if the short ad is anything to go by, they’ve developed a new rig with Lefty fork, just so people can ride it anywhere that a CX bike can be ridden anyway – road, gravel, dirt??? Have no fear, however, plenty will set out and buy it – just so they have one….

  • Derek Maher

    Vincenzo seems to be still suffering a lack of form.He did complain of heavy legs on the stage.
    Froome seemed to run out of steam on the last K or was saving a bit for todays stage ?.
    Astana may have a problem with their chosen team leaders trying to pick the ones in form.


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