Philadelphia International Cycling Classic
  • Adam Fuller

    Armstrong deserves everything he gets but I’m puzzled why others have received minimal or no punishment. All should be stripped of their titles / medals.

  • Annie.

    Regarding washing the gear:

    I simply put gloves and overshoes etc. (everything “velcroed”, but also delicate stuff) in seperate mesh washing bags: No problem to wash it all together then.
    Also, I was told that washing your gear by hand causes more damage (due to mechanic influences) than washing it in the machine.
    Not only do I zip up jerseys (and turn everything inside-out), but also I close the sports bras’ clips.
    Furthermore, I wash at 30° Celsius to not damage the (elastic) fabric and only use mild detergent.

    Finally, after a MTB ride in mud and dirt, I take a shower fully clothed so I can catch little stones, grass and leaves etc. in the sink strainer and won’t damage the washing machine/block its drain. (picture: Sabine Spitz and Kathrin Stirnemann, 2014, source: FB-page K. Stirnemann)

    • Jessi Braverman

      This picture is fantastic. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for all the rest of the tips, too.

  • Derek Maher

    As a male reader I hope you dont mind me thanking you and Annie for those gear washing tips.I would suggest useing an anti bacterial additive to the 30 Celsius wash mix.
    On another note I hope Pauline recovers from her injury soon.
    I laughed at Jenny Price and middle aged men in lycra time to balance things ladies.


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