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  • Gordon

    While I haven’t had good look at the article I have to question why on earth you would want to make a bracelet out of old tubes. I don’t like a puncture but what I like even less is that awful “rubber” smell after the tube change.
    While I’m not young and hip to me this just makes no sense. Thoughts anyone else, or is it just me?

    • Don Cafferty

      I like to find ways to re-use old inner tubes or even tires. One use for an inner tube is as a tie-down strap when I transport my bike in the vehicle. I have used old tire threads glued to the bottom of picnic coolers so that the coolers won’t slide easily when transported.

  • Derek Maher

    Old tubes are great for young tree ties,They hold the tree trunk to a support post and expand as the tree grows.So the young tree is not damaged.

    • Gordon

      Thanks Derek and Don above but what I am astounded with is wanting to wear the smelly rubber. I too have found other uses but don’t plan on wearing the stinky things (at least less smelly than new tubes). I just don’t get it.


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