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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
  • Michael Sproul

    Would bang. Much prettier than the Venge.

  • Ragtag

    Hurrah a Foil vs Foil comparison and no hanky panky comparison with four year old Addict or a farm tractor. Good work Scott.

    • Winky

      Yes, agree.

  • Michael

    So the new frame (putting aside the claims of increased comfort) gives you about the same savings as a clean chain v a dirty chain……and the 6w saving still puts it behind the current S5

    • Alex

      But is very probably much stiffer and nicer to ride than the S5, wich is so thin that it has lost all its stifness…

  • Sean Doyle

    Aero is not pretty at all it would seem.

  • Choco

    That NDS crank/rear brake looks like it would not be possible to have a Stages/Pioneer? Or is it the angle?

    • You’re right: a Stages won’t fit, as mentioned in the gallery above.

      • Winky

        The cable/brakearm looks horribly close to the crankarm in that one shot. I guess it works, though.

        • Yep, it’s very close. Just a couple of millimetres in fact.

      • Simon Orders

        I got a stages on mine and it just fits

  • EJG

    This is a farking ugly looking bike… back to the drawing board folks!

  • Richard Riley

    Is there anyway that a type of hot lap can be done with these different bikes that are coming out? Something like what Top Gear does with their cars and The Stig? That would be a good comparison overall of the different bikes and their aero capability. I understand that there is variables in this with riders being off on a particular day but surely we could get some comparison.

    • Michael Sproul

      Strap an e-bike motor on it…200W only!

  • JamesC

    I’d take the Venge over this any day.

  • Winky

    TT is too slopey for my personal taste. I’d have integrated the front brake, and put the rear one back up on the seatstays where it belongs. I do like the bar/stem combo, and LOVE that someone has finally hidden that Di2 box (without putting it down in the mud like the new Venge). For this style of bike I still like the BMC and Canyon versions.

    • Hyun-ji Song

      You should check out the Canyon aeroad, they’ve also hidden it for a good year or two now.

      • Winky

        Yep, the Aeroroad is a very sweet bike. I think Specialized are trying too hard (as usual). The Aeroroad and BMC TMR01 are examples of how it should be done. Elegant and no major gimmicks, unlike the Venge. But this Scott isn’t too bad.

        The argument that the brake mount on the seatstays is not good for comfort is refuted by the way that Canyon have done it. With the seatstay moved low on the seatube (for aero and comfort), the brake mount is now tucked close into the seatube for stiffness. Win, win, win (and a fourth win for not having it under the BB!).

    • OverIt

      Best place for the junction box is under the seat. Di2 doesn’t care where things are, so long as it’s all connected. My seatpost has an alloy top, which now has a 4mm hole in it, for a Di2 wire to poke through, which means you can still access for trimming and charge easily, but it’s more or less hidden for all but the most observant.

      Given the batteries in all these bikes are in the seatpost. I surprises me no-one is doing the underseat thing, or even integrating it into the post top area or under the saddle for that matter.

  • tim

    looked good until I got to this quote “The underneath-mounted rear brake precludes the use of a Stages powermeter….”

    • Peter DeMos

      There is a TRP brake that can be used. I just had to order it for my Felt AR in order to solve the Stages clearance issue.

      • Claudio Pi

        Hi Peter, can you share the TRP brake that solves de Stages clearance issue. I own a Stages powermeter and I am interested in the new Foil, however I would like to make sure first there is a solution for this issue. Thanks!

  • mitch_brooklyn

    Savings of 6 Watts and 27 seconds over 40k TT at 45kmh. How many people in the world can ride a road bike at 45kmh for an hour? Wiggins….anyone else? Who would…anyone? No, they’d all be on TT bikes. At 40kmh, a more realistic speed, I’d guess power savings are maybe 2 Watts.

    • Spot on. You have my ^ vote.

    • ZigaK

      6W*(40/45)^3 = 4.2W

      • CapeHorn

        Yes Ofcourse, because we all know wind resistance has a linear relationship with speed…

  • Evan

    The problem with Scott bikes is they have the most hideous colour schemes on a bike that turns me off. Fluro decals on black. Sorry but I am not taking my bike to a rave party. Secondly, all those changes for a 6 watt saving and some comfort. Other manufacturers claim that saving from the handlebars alone.

    • SEA

      They already did very good bike at first so make it better is hard task. It’s not comapred to other so this comment is surplus.

  • Oblewis

    Just me, or is there a large gash/crack in the pic of the beefier bottom bracket?

    • Just you… It appears you’re seeing the change from matte carbon to gloss carbon (or paint). I could be wrong though too.

  • Halcyon Days

    I would never buy a road bike that has the rear brake underneath the bb. TT bike, maybe.

    • Nitro

      Fair comment, though I’ve done in the region of 15,000k’s on a Trek Madone with the rear brake underneath, and have never had any problems…

  • Sound in Chains

    This Foil at first glance looks like an awesome bike: good looking, comfortable, 28mm tire clearance, and aero. However, the bottom bracket mounted brake is a COMPLETE turnoff. Worst design idea ever with no aero benefit (otherwise all new road bikes would have them), and the fact it makes the bike incompatible with a Stages PM makes it a deal killer. Sorry Scott, maybe next time!

    • marzipan

      Did you read the article? its not meant to have an aero benefit – its for comfort

      • Sound in Chains

        I know, but when spending my own money on a bike I want my cake and I want to eat it too. Also, there are plenty of very comfortable bikes (even aero ones) with seatstay mounted brakes so there should be no excuse for mounting them in such an inaccessible and stupid spot.

        • EJG

          Totally agree… the BB mounted brake was a totally stupid retro statement by Trek in the Madone, to which it served no purpose. Thank heavens folks are coming back to their senses. Please, leave the Eighties behind and put brake callipers where they belong… enough of this madness.

  • Ritch

    230w to go 45km/h? That must be one very small rider in a very aero position. Bike looks nice enough, get that bike fit right on the first go though.

    • Cam

      The pic with the graph says “bike with moving legs”. Maybe the rider had no other body parts??

  • TheBear

    I’m sure it’s a great bike – it’s a Scott, but it’s doing nothing to dispel the adage that aero is ugly

  • velocite

    I tend to be not too interested in opinions about the look of bikes, engineering is king. But this bike to me is just beautiful – everything looks right. I’m a Specialized fan, but beside this the new Venge looks awkward – that clumsy looking stem and the clunky looking seat stays. I have not experienced rear brakes below the chain stay, and maybe they get dirty from front wheel spray, but the argument from having them there convinced me. No way could I justify a bike this good, but that may not stop me. And great photos, well done.

  • Stian Pollestad

    This bike looks awesome. I have a Scott CR1 bike, and I just love it. Would love to get the Foil as well, but space and wife will not allow it :D

  • tertius_decimus

    Look 795 rip-off.

    • Juan

      True – a lot of manufacturers look like they’ve been playing catch-up

  • I love my current foil.. I’d fawn over this one too.. But I cant help but think its a look 795 aero with a kamm downtube.. Esp with the integ stem..

  • Simon

    Haussler’s bike has non matching skewers.

  • crack

    Zipp Firecrests with bottom mounted brakes do not work (e.g. Avanti Corsa DR). Whilst it looks cleaner, it’s a pain in the arse and rubs every time you are out of the saddle. A shame, because they’re otherwise great wheels.

    • smw

      design flaw on the bike (avanti)- needs thicker rear triangle stays to eliminate flex-and thus wheel rub – This was a similar problem Look had and their new Look Aero 795 fixes this issue u have. Im not saying you should go out and buy a Look 795 Aerolight :-)

      • crack

        Thanks for that info – much appreciated. Who wants to buy a frame?

  • Juan Carlos Canosa

    what about climbing? the last Foil 2015 was an aerodynamic bike but working pretty good as a climbing bike…what about this one? they just talk about the sprints and nothing about climbing?….

  • Juan Carlos Canosa

    another thing is about the components…we should use just syncross? we can´t change anything about that…look how ugly looks with the Ritchey steam in the picture of the test bike of the I AM Cycling….and the posicion is to agresive for longs rides….i love how the bike looks is pretty modern and for sure averybody put theur eyes in the bike on the street, but i think that this is not a versatile bike….just for flats roads…..in Countries with mountains will not be a popular bike for sure…(maybe peope who dont think in anything more than how pretty look the bike) because riders needs now a versatiles bikes…bikes who works in flat, descending, climbing, and the Addict??? i dont like the Addict 2015, but the Foil 2015 is a very pretty bike with a lot of qualities to climb, and imply they rejected the model to take this….in my opinion would be better keep the production of the old foil and just named this bike different, but ist all about money.


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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017