• rob

    Big fan of Heino. The green/gold Cuore kit, Giro helmet and Sidi shoes look great. Big props to the sponsors for supporting him. Good luck in the 2nd half of the season mate!

  • muz

    Excellent video. I love that he’s got a full length base layer, riding top, long sleeve top, neck warmer and bare hands.

  • david__g

    Really like this guy. Hope he has more success in the coming years (and later this season!)

  • mikeya

    Yep, also a big fan, hope he gets some luck going his way soon. Love his comment, “You go and do three and for the rest you go and sit in the coffee shop” He’s finding out what cycling when you’ve got young kids is all about.

  • Michael in Sydney

    What happened to the video? It has disappeared in just over an hour. Saw it a work and thought I will watch that at home. Get home and the video has gone from the post.

    • It’s right at the top of the page. Dont’ you see it?

  • Natureboy

    Big fan of Double H – go get em in the second half

  • Winky

    Nice video. The production values of this site always impress. Well done. He seems a nice guy. (But no gloves?)

    • Thanks but we can’t take credit for that video. It was made by the IAM Cycling team.

      • Winky

        Yeah, I realise that it isn’t your video. I mean that it well-presented at a decent size without preview GIFs or pop-up/precursor ads etc.

        • Thanks @Winky! We do our best to not be led by the pageview game.

          • Jaybo

            and we love you for it!

          • Jaybo

            and we love you for it!

  • markpa

    Loved the roar when he won nationals. It seemed to show not that he was better than the others, but that he was so invested in what he was doing, that he had worked for it and that belief in himself had paid off. Also that the Aust. jersey mattered to him.
    Lot to read into a yell I know :-)

  • Michele Graham

    Would love someone to do an interview with him on cycling sock lengths. Apparently he’s the guru.


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