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  • Jadon J.

    As a Wisconsinite and a fellow ToAD series racer, thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s always cool to hear what non-locals think of ToAD. I think the pro women’s field had consistently some of the best racing in the series the year. I was also the official lead/pace car driver at a few of the races so I got to see those races from a different perspective. Just curious, what was your favorite stage from a personal experience level? Most people say Downer Avenue because of the crowds, neighborhood, and the super prime.

    Sorry to hear about your teammate. I can relate as I was a victim of someone else’s crash and went down hard, separating my shoulder and cracking a rib on stage 9 at Bay View, ending my series in the mens 2/3 field.

    Good luck in your future racing!


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May 24, 2017
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