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  • Superpilot

    Good luck ladies!

    I’m using the challenges also as motivation to keep riding throughout the year. I’m attempting to finish the climbing challenges and at least the shortest fondo challenge for all 12 months.

    It has been good motivator to get out of bed on wet and windy mornings!

    Most of my riding buddies seem to treat it with disinterest, but it keeps me out there, no matter how trivial a badge made of pixels really is!

    Sometimes I wonder what the hell i am doing, and wish that I had stayed in bed, but I am always glad once the ride is done.

    I am lucky my group ride a couple times a week is around 1000m. Even if I use a Garmin, it is still within 10% of the climbing stats, and over a grand.

    I had a week off for a family holiday, so catching up has been tough, so far a bit over 6000m, might end up riding hill reps on the last day!

    Good luck everyone!


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September 20, 2017
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