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  • Survey Says

    Strong in the rain and when the racing goes from the gun, yet unable to follow a high tempo in the final of a summit finish. If Nibali wasn’t an Astana rider, I could almost call my self a fan of such an enigmatic rider. Oh well. Wishing Froome a quick recovery so he can destroy him in the next few stages.

    • Neuron1

      His companions in the break were some of the stronger riders in the peloton and all were highly motivated to the break succeeding. Had it not been so I think the results may have been different. If you watched last years Dauphine, I think you would have seen that Nibali was bluffing weakness and was feeling out his competition. He did the same yesterday ( Stage three).

      • Survey Says

        No one’s bluffing at the Dauphine, results that follow at the Tour (such as VN last year) shouldn’t be read to confirm that.

        • Neuron1

          I understand what you’re saying, but from watching and rewatching last years race, my take on it is that he wanted to see how hard Froome and Contador could go and for how long, as they raced the climbs. Thus he could set a gauge of their fitness as they raced and he hung back. From that that could determine exact power output and duration of time they could hold it, since they were gong for the win. During Nibali’s next training block, I read, that his coach would attack on a scoter at the speeds they then knew Froome could attain and they would have VN chase and sit on the wheel. Thus he trained exactly for the scenerios they expected in the Tour. Just what I pieced together, though and could be completely wrong. Yesterday’s stage the break was strong and motivated while the chase was very disorganized. Results would have been different if the peloton got it together.

  • Derek Maher

    Vincenzo hurt himself a lot in that stage.
    From todays results 13/06/2015 we can see he paid the price.
    All the GC contendors are testing themselves in this tour and hurting.

    • Neuron1

      i totally agree. He, Costa and Valverde went deep yesterday and it showed in todays results.


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