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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
  • Derek Maher

    Things can get rough in the journal world.When you write for a newspaper and dig up sensational stories for the editor.First make darn sure you have a concrete case.Second your editor and the legal team will back you to the hilt.

  • TonyJames

    Kimmage is a star, i don’t know how he stays so strong.

    • pedr09

      Burning hatred can do that.

  • bikeinbc

    Great article Shane and as always compliments and respect for the strength to Mr Kimmage. His book “A Rough Ride” deserves far more credit than it gets and we should all wonder what would have happened if cycling had had a leader that shared the same concerns and done something seriously about it. If Hein wants to claim anyone damaged his image he should be suing Armstong and Bruyneel. I can only hope there is justice for Kimmage and Hein looses and the judge awards costs and significant damages to Kimmage.

  • Notso Swift

    “Why didn’t he sue the Sunday Times or sue Lance Armstrong or sue the
    people who were responsible for this is beyond me. I am not amused at
    Because this is classic bully tactics, only pick on someone you think you are stronger than.
    Combine with unmitigated arrogance and you have a classic administrator…

    • Notso Swift

      And who is betting the first thing the HVB lawyers try to do is have the CIRC report deemed unadmissable, which would require all of those witnesses to make fresh statements, at considerable cost, and without some of the legal protection they had with CIRC :-(

    • MK

      Not sure this is strictly true. I would reccomend suing the entity or person who has the funds to pay if you win. If Verbruggen wins against Paul, all that will happen is that Paul will file for bankruptcy and not pay the award or the costs.
      Verbruggen knows this, so that makes it a personal vendetta type of case. Which really means he is really pissed at Paul and just wants to crush him. One wonders if there is something else from the past that we don;t all know.

      • Gordon

        “I am not in the slightest bit amused by it. And I hope that I am going to go to Switzerland and get some justice. If there is not, there is going to be hell to pay”
        I think this quote suggests there is more. It might be a good thing if he gets a bad result?

        • Raskoln

          Well I think Kimmage announced before launching his own legal case against Verbruggen & McQuaid something like “Lets unleash hell”, or if not those precise words that was the general gist of it. Well hell wasn’t unleashed and he dropped the case. I’d say given he says he doesn’t have the funds to hardly defend this case, the hell to pay line doesn’t mean much.

          • Gordon

            Fair call, there is always a time to keep your cards close to your chest and that time has probably past. While I would like to think Kimmage has a whole lot more to show it may be unlikely this far along.
            I’m also cautious of people saying they don’t have the funds. Asset protection 101 teaches you that.
            Time will tell

  • muz

    Verbruggen really is scum of the earth. NO REDEEMING FEATURES.

  • velocite

    I contributed to that Kimmage fund. What bastardry – makes it difficult to mount similar exercises in the future. But, given Jaimie Fuller, maybe not necessary in this case. I certainly hope Notso’s idea about the CIRC report turns out unfounded and that some legal technicality does not cause Verbruggen to win. Best outcome: Verbruggen is finally nailed and we get entertained in the process. Speaking for myself, of course.

    • Mad Marsupial

      I contributed to that fund as well and can’t fathom how that guy (Aaron Brown) thought he could just take the money. I’d like to see him forced to cough up or he should be charged with fraud. If he’s got a good story for his actions, then let’s hear it – otherwise the money is not his to keep.

  • Survey says

    Maybe CT could give Kimmage a job? There can’t be many better cycling journalists than him.


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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017