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  • Cliff Nichols

    Nice one. Looks elegant. Already interested….

  • Tim

    Looks fabulous. I could get lost in these old movie fragments above and lose my Friday.

  • jules

    Chiappucci’s 200km winning break to Sestriere in the ’92 Tour. he wasn’t solo the whole way, but he finished it off that way.

  • BW

    Lance and Contador, why not Landis… that was a breakaway.

    Seriously no Fabian from Paris Roubaix?

    • We discussed Landis (which was extraordinary), but since he got popped straight after (instead of years later) we decided not to include it. Certainly a controversial one…

      • dazmurray

        That reasoning literally makes zero sense. Lance is included over Landis due to the time it took to uncover his cheating?

        • jules

          take it to the logical extreme – let’s stop following pro cycling altogether. it’s an imperfect world.

        • Let’s face it. That entire list probably had their hand in the cookie jar.

          • Holby City

            I don’t mind still marveling at the feats of Lance and Landis. I recall O’Grady describing the Landis ride as the “biggest” he’d ever seen. It really was incredible. I look forward to future collaborations and more feats or moments!

          • Spider

            Excellent! Just because Mr Armstrong is the biggest fish to get caught doesn’t make him the only one…it’s still amazing to watch! Can you find someone with a USPS OCLV trek who has it in pristine condition for the bike report – great to see one of the old Treks again

          • J P

            That breakaway by Landis is probably one of the best moments in cycling irespective of the doping.

            • Stompin

              Its the one I remember most, it was a cracker!

          • Sean

            So should we all just kick it and rip it?

    • Guy Ross

      Nothing brings out the critics like a ‘list’. Allow me then to jump in the deep end right away and second the motion about Landis. I don’t care if that Quaker had rockets shooting out his buttocks; that was legendary. The fact he got popped right after all the more so…

  • Peter

    Compu-a says noooo

  • BN

    So is this a limited release? If so how many kits will be made?

  • Gary

    Is there a version that doesn’t endorse drug cheats?

    • jules

      i think Bike Pure does one, but those breaks all ended up in a bunch kick

      • I’m afraid you’re probably right Jules. I’m not sure we can celebrate the victories of the 40’s, 50’s 60’s and 70’s and dismiss ones of the 90’s and 2000’s.

  • Bravo

    Andy Schlecks stage 18 win was good but all I can remember is yelling at the TV for Cadel to bridge him and cursing the wheel suckers. Pretty sure I nearly had a heart attack that night……

    • Holby City

      As did every other Aussie watching!

  • Carl Hemmings

    Hi Wade,
    Being a tall rider like myself (194cm), it was awesome to see Eros Poli (197cm) conquer Mt Ventoux and the stage win back in 94, I happened to accent it in 1998 when Marco won.

    Following Cipollini’s abandonment of the 1994 Tour de France, Poli won the Montpellier to Carpentras stage which featured an ascent of Mont Ventoux. Poli calculated that if he broke away from the peloton by a sufficient margin on the flat run to the base of the climb of the Mont Ventoux, he would reach the summit in front in spite of his relatively poor climbing speed due to his heavy 197 cm frame. In the event, his gap of some 20 minutes was nearly closed, but he crested the climb in front and was not caught by the chasing pack on the run down to the finish of the stage in Carpentras. In that Tour, Poli won the Combativity award.

  • Zeb

    fabian’s many solo breaks (flanders, strade bianche, etc)

  • Nic Lowe

    The Coppi footage is fantastic.

  • mike

    Cadels Evans’ final day attack on MT Wellington to win the 1999 Tour of Tasmania. Should have gone with that one, boys as most of your list are dopers….

    • Sean

      LOL serious?

  • Ronan O’Connor

    No Hinault in Liege in 1980?

    • Alpen

      This! Geez, the guys still doesn’t have feeling in one hand. The Hennie Kuiper came in 9 MINUTES later!

  • Shiffon

    Carlos Sastre’s ascent of Alpe d’heuz, stage 17 in the 2008 Tour de France. He was such an understated rider but so classy in the mountains and ne’er a doping cloud over him (if that is important for this list!).

  • Matt

    Haussler in the 09 tour was impressive.

    And didn’t Tony Martin go 180km solo at a recent Vuelta? Or was he caught?

    • Sam Young

      He was caught on the line. Still came 7th I think.

      • Dave

        But his Tour stage win last year was incredible.

  • Seda CP

    How about Talansky’s incredible win in the Dauphine last year? Incredible, gutsy ride to steal the win.

  • Disgruntledgoat

    Eddy’s 69 raid across the Pyrenees superior for my money.

  • Disgruntledgoat

    Jacky Durand’s Ronde in, I think, 1992 as well. Everybody let him keep his advantage because long doomed breaks were just what Jacky did. By the time it was too late, Jacky won solo after 220km off the front in a race of 260km. He won 3 Tour stages in similar fashion too.
    His motto was “I don’t mind not winning. I mind not trying”

    • velocite

      What a great motto. Thanks for that.

  • Robert Merkel

    Charly Gaul, 1956 Giro. Punctures, apocalyptic weather, smashing his competitors by many minutes, you name it.



    And, yep, he was a charger, like pretty much all of his contemporaries. Amphetamines were the drug of choice back then, and he was apparently a particularly enthusiastic user.

  • Nath

    Armstrong? Really? This is the first stupid thing I have seen from Cyclingtips. Sure, it was a great ride but Armstrong isn’t just a doper… he is synonymous with doping. I understand the reasoning may be strong from a sporting history point of view, but there is plainly no logic from a marketing or ethical point of view. I always thought Cyclingtips was about celebrating the great aspects of our sport, but here you are celebrating achievements gained through deceit. Very poor judgement in this instance.

    • james

      Well said. I agree totally

    • DrD

      I fully agree and in fact I can’t even believe it coming from cycling tips. There is no way I will ever wear a kit with Armstrong name on it and this is not just a matter of doping. He destroyed careers and threatened people. And what about the harm he did to our sport ? This is just wrong and really disappointing. Your site is subtitled ‘the beauty of cycling’ : where is the beauty in that?

  • 900Aero

    Thor Hushovd, Stage 13 2013 Tdf. Came over the Aubisque in a small group and then solo-d away through the the mist into Lourdes. Wearing the rainbow jersey. The 2011 TdF had some amazing moments, Schlecks was certainly one but I enjoyed Hushovd’s more.

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  • Adrian M

    The issue with Armstrong is not the doping but the effort he went to to destroy anyone on or off the bike who suggested anything. For that I really don’t care anymore about what he did on the bike. He is the one who took it out of sport into everywhere else (court rooms, newspapers, TV, businesses) and now whines because everywhere else has responded in kind, though more politely. So no matter how good the kit, celebrating a person like that? My heroes need to be people, not just monomaniacal pricks.

  • easytiger

    Nice looking kit, but yet again Wade’s wonky moral compass steers us irretrievably up the road to Sestrieres to re-mythologize Lance?

    • Wonky moral compass? You make it sound like I’m the one who took the drugs!

      • jules

        well you said you’re ‘retired’ then did a 1:25 on the Hot Lap. we can read between the lines Wade.

  • Sean

    The kit looks like rubbish, won’t be seen dead in it sorry.

    • philipmcvey

      Your post is missing two key words at the start; ‘I think’. Be totally dismissive of other people’s efforts if you like, but at least admit you’re being subjective.

  • Albert

    I thought Cancellara’s attack on the 2010 edition of Paris-Roubaix was pretty incredible.

  • dcaspira

    I really like the thought of bringing stories into the design, great convo piece – look forward to some more designs !

  • Flash

    El Diabolo (Chiapucci) in 1992 – attacked 245 km from the finish and topped all 5 major climbs alone, and won.
    That is a serious breakaway – glad to see he hasn’t been forgotten.

    And don’t forget Andy Hampsten won up Alpe D’ Huez the very next day – which was great as well.
    What about poor old Franco Vona who came in second 2 days in a row to Chiapucci and Hampsten – a bit unlucky.
    I have the TDF DVD’s for that yrs event and they are still great to watch.

    • I think an “oh, so close!” jersey should be the next evolution of this!

  • David Seaton

    $455 for a kit? Madness.

    • LeeRoy

      Agreed. MAAP make nice looking kit but I can’t see how they can justify the price.

  • dbranson

    Would have loved it if it came with a secret dope pocket! “Balls to the walls” would be a better name too. ;)

  • tony rabbit

    No matter what is said or done in cycling, it almost always resorts to doping. Get over it people, it happens. A lot. Move on. Nice idea regardless.

  • Desan

    Wow looks like the Sydney Cycling Kit.

  • Damien C

    Landis’ ride has a lot in common with Rocket Racer, winner of the 1987 Perth Cup. Juiced to the eyeballs. Poor RR almost did another lap before he could be pulled up. Unfortunately he died soon after. Landis was lucky. Laurie Connell was a very dodgy owner. A mate of Alan Bond!
    Have a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feCyWl2Dc4Y


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