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  • Derek Maher

    Well that seems a positive move by the UCI for both male and female racing cyclists.The ladies could try to push for more stage races and help with development teams.Plus try to steer the old perception held by many in the racing world away from ladies cannot handle better and longer stage races.
    Good luck to the chosen group.

  • snailmartyr

    The women do not need longer stage races. They need sponsorship dollars (Euros). When you ask the women what they need, it’s things like a minimum wage, better television and/or live streaming coverage of women’s events, better use of social media in promoting events. Making the sport harder would only have the effect of driving more women out of the sport. The way forward IMO is for the women to showcase the ‘thrill of victory and the agony of defeat’ within a community of women athletes. They can decide for themselves what the length of races are to be… and this will become the stage upon which the drama unfolds. Women’s cycling has the potential to become what men’s cycling was in the Golden Age: lot’s of important races and personalities competing with one another. Nowadays, it’s all the TDF. Roger De Vlaeminck never won the TDF. Neither did Ole Ritter. That other Eddy – Eddy Planckaert. Sean Kelly. Francesco Moser famously only rode the TDF once… I still think of him as a terrific champion. Fans may one day recite the names of amazing women’s champions in much the same way in years to come.


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