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  • Annie.

    I’m not pregnent. Though, a wonderfull read, this article; inspiring and good for a laugh, too!

  • Derek Maher

    Lovely read Lillie.Okay as an older guy I havent a baby on board although my tummy has a bump I am trying to get rid of.I can relate to raising the handlebar stem,Relaxing and enjoying the road without the pressure of race training running through my head.Not an easy thing to get rid of even if my racing days are long over.(sigh) Thanks for shareing.

  • Anon N + 1

    If I am correct in assuming “e-bike” refers to an electric powered bikes that provide an electric motor to assist on hills and with acceleration, you might want to consider buying instead of renting. Once the little one is born, he/she won’t get any lighter and will require a heavy seat be mounted on the bike. You will want this bike to take the little one here and there for this and that. And then there is the load of groceries you will have to schlep up the hill to home . . . . And if there is a brother or sister out there in the future . . . . These electric power assist bikes are quite popular with young mothers, some with two and even three kids, here in Japan.

  • Rachelle Loren

    Great to hear about other cycling mums. Enjoy cycling with your little one! After riding through my pregnancy (right up to my 40 week checkup), I started riding with my son in a cycle trailer when he was three months old. We have great adventures together and can continue doing everything on our bikes -just like we did as a couple.

  • Rob Alpen

    ‘This time, Alain wasn’t yelling at me to push harder’ He doesn’t yell at me, he just drops me like a stone ;-) But seriously, my wife road up until about 6 months with both of our kids and really enjoyed it. I put on the HR alert on her Garmin so she’d know if she was getting a bit too frisky but otherwise all went well. Enjoy and best of luck w/ the impending arrival!

  • Wells

    Great to read this. Cycling in pregnancy is a very good thing in
    terms of keeping you fit and healthy during pregnancy. Your body lets you know
    what pace you can ride at and when you can’t get up the hills (except very
    slowly) any more. I managed to ride till about 32 weeks pregnant, and even had
    a cycling holiday in Sierra Nevada region of Spain at around 25 weeks. It’s not
    flat there, but I didn’t notice any slowing down on hills until later in the
    pregnancy. I started to get intense pain in the bump when cycling to work (probably
    round-ligament pain) at around 32 weeks pregnant, so had to quit then till
    after my daughter was born. Weirdly my cardio-vascular fitness never really
    changed. If anything, pregnancy, or at least carrying on with cycling, running
    and weight training in pregnancy kept me fit. I pretty much got back to
    “normal” fitness and weight about a month after the birth of my
    daughter, even winning a local cycle event, although having had 10 weeks off
    the bike my legs were like sticks to start with. Wait till the child is 3, 4, 5
    years old and has their own activities at weekends though, as well as busy
    evenings after work. That’s when find you can’t do much cycling any more or at
    least only a fraction of what you once did – mostly due to lack of time/opportunity,
    frequent illness (this will happen if you have a child in childcare) and simple

    • Jessi Braverman

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Wells!

  • cycling_heidi

    Thanks everyone for all the tips and comments. It’s great to know that I’m not alone and I very much appreciate the tips from other moms.

  • Thanx for good reading! /pregnant and riding as well


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