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  • Loved the finish of the race. Not a big Lizzie fan but great to see her win in that manner.

  • So there’s a professional cyclist called Koppenberg? Nominative determinism at its best. We need to find riders called Tourmalet, Zoncolan, …

  • tommo

    Do they make a mens kit for the Ale and Boels teams? Love the colour in the peleton (unlike the mens)

  • G

    “While Manayunk isn’t terribly long or steep at 800 metres, with an average gradient of eight percent, six ascents of the infamous climb softened the field ahead of the finale.”

    No way. The Manayunk Wall is about 220ft, or ~67m.
    Six ascents of 800m of Wall-equivalent would be amazing to watch, though. Not so much to ride…


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May 23, 2017
May 22, 2017
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