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  • Derek Maher

    Here we go again,Another Kiss and Tell convert from the past.Just what is the point.

    • Samaway

      The point is, in my view, that the public is generally more receptive to dopers who confess and apologize than those who insist on their innocence or appear not to regret what they did. Valverde, especially, comes to mind as a rider in the latter category. Seems his name is often accompanied by “think what you like about him” (or something similar), whereas David Millar is now revered for his honesty.

      • muz

        Like Stuey? Who only fessed up when he was named in a report, and then he only did it once, just like Nicki…

      • Pete

        Geez I hate Miller. And yes Sorry Sorenson only admits doping after being outed.

        Same as Stuey (thanks Muz), Matt White etc.

        • Samaway

          Yep, because it appears to have been (to be?) “normal” in elite sport. I’m talking what they do/say to the public having been outed…

      • Bert

        ” whereas David Millar is now revered for his honesty”

        Only the most gullible of people would think that Millar is an honest man.

        • Samaway

          I’m not saying he is honest or not (nor is your calling me “gullible” very productive), but clearly his confession and apology has worked seeing as he has remained active in the cycling world…

          • Bert

            Please show me where I called you gullible.

  • That Strava Support Guy

    Of course he only admits when his name is about to get leaked, and of course he did it +10 years ago.

  • Neuron1

    There is no way this is even possible. He never rode for Astana. Everybody knows that only Astana employed these methods. On a more serious note, I believe he was integral in Contador’s victories while at Saxo…..

  • jules

    the story here is the evidence of a cover-up. not the opportunity for more hand-wringing about another doper being exposed.

    • Gordon

      Jules I am struggling to read between the lines. Are you suggesting that there could be some sort of “deals” that go on behind closed doors? Surely this would never happen with FIFA, UCI or IOC et al.
      Now I’m going to count the days until Santa pays me a visit, but only if I’m a good boy.

      • jules

        it’s ridiculous how we’ve been duped into vilifying individual athletes (riders), when there are much bigger doping crimes being committed right under our noses. the cover ups of doping will one day make the stories of individual athletes look trivial in comparison (at least, those who aren’t Lance)

        • Neuron1

          Jules, great point. A guy like Rasmusen or DiLuca gets caught and we attack him like a bunch of sharks with blood in the water while there are so many others that got away mostly scott free. Do we really believe that Menchov was clean while DiLuca was doping or the same with Rasmussen and Contador, etc. The riders often are the victims of the system and the big fish rarely answer for their crimes. It’s too bad that in order to fully clean up the sport it would be destroyed in the process.

          • Guest

            Who on earth thinks Menchov was clean ? The 2009 Giro was arguably the dirtiest GT in the short recent past. Just look at the podium – Di Luca (dope), Pellizotti (dope), Menchov ? Hmmmm.

            • jules

              yeah the 2009 one really stands out, as compared to all the other ones.. oh

            • Neuron1

              I didn’t say Menchov was clean. He came from a team with a history of doping and was later caught himself. What I poorly stated was that the cycling fans went after DiLuca with a vengeance, while Menchov was given a pass for a long time. Interestingly, his results from the Giro win were not stripped, despite his admission of prior use of PEDs. The rules just don’t seem to be applied with any sense of equality across the sport.

          • Push Bike Writer

            Unfortunately, many people think cycling would be destroyed by a serious attempt to clean it up (e.g. either through a truth and reconciliation process, harsher penalties like life bans for any proved positives, ceasing the employment of ex-dopers in teams, clubs, governing bodies, a complete re-write of the record books). I don’t agree with that view though.

            We can argue about the efficacy of any approach you might use here, but surely it is clear by now that continuing to maintain the status quo is doing a better job at destroying the sport than any ‘clean up’ method would ever do. Each new case that comes to light robs a little more appeal and beauty out of this sport, and shifts it closer to a point in time where there’ll be no sponsors, no TV coverage, and no-one on the roadside.

            There should absolutely be serious attempts made to clean up cycling. It would be painful, upset a lot of people with vested interests in continuing to do nothing, and take a lot of courage. But I think the sport would recover, and be even stronger and more appealing because of it.

        • Gordon

          Yeap agreed. Essendon football club springs to mind. The “great unwashed” AFL supporters in Melbourne have yet to realise what was/is happening with Essendon and other clubs (IMHO). The AFL want Dank banned for life but “not comfortably satisfied” anything going on with the players. Go figure.

  • Push Bike Writer

    Here we go again. I just published a piece earlier today that I hope might help: Please share it around .

  • GiulioM

    Federations covering their athletes: it happens all the time and in all the sports. For instance, everybody knows the Italian triathlete Alessandro Fabian has used blood doping and has been covered by ETU. If you don’t trust me ask Giulio Molinari who read and saved a copy of the email by ETU asking Fabian what they should do with the wrong blood values.

    • jules

      as if the ETU aren’t in enough trouble at the moment with the Royal Commission..

      my favorite is Serena Williams and the ITF. have a read about her – classic coverup.

  • Derek Maher

    What gets me about all these doping stories popping up at regular intervals and keeping our sport in the press headlines with the usual negative feedback and outrage is the amount of money the UCI have poured into improving our sports image ?.
    Millions invested in Bio Passport controls,Agencys set up,Committes of inquirey ect.Yet we still have officials digging up historic doping cases to keep the pot boiling and blowing attempts to improve the sports image out of the water.Part of me thinks this has less to do with doping and more about infighting among officials to do down their rivals.Also as I have said in past posts,There are vested interests in the anti doping ? industry to keep their labs in lucrative deals with sporting bodies.For these people its in their interest to keep the doping story rolling.Perhaps the only hope for cycling is for the heat to move to another sport and the UCI to invest its money in bigger and better racing and development so the media get the great events the public want to see.


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