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  • Winky

    He’s breaching the important rule that no-one riding a bicycle should have more facial hair than Fabian Cancellara (who sets the style standards is a few areas).

    • Timmy

      My girlfriend thinks he’s very very handsome, even so. Me? Not so much….

      • Winky


        • timmy

          Nope. It’s Brumotti she thinks is handsome. No accounting for taste, but the poor woman thinks I am handsome too. I suspect that she has been drinking during the day.

  • Mike Wolfenden

    rim brakes

    • CC

      Imagine what he could do with discs !!

  • Nitro

    Dont hate me for being a spoil sport – I love these videos too – but am I the only person to think that this trend of ever more wild and crazy stunts on road bikes can only end badly?

    I certainly don’t want to be the predictor of doom, but am I the only person who things that if you keep doing stunts like this, keep pushing the envelope, its only a matter of time before someone ends up going home in a wooden box?

    Yes there’s a big wow factor (self included) when someone’s riding along a railing a couple of inches wide, but if someone slips and falls right instead of left its highly likely to be the last thing the rider ever does….

    • Tim the Turramurrararian

      I definitely wonder the same thing!

    • Rocket

      Let boy’s be boys…………

  • purpletezza

    Another cool video!

    I am surprised he is not riding a big S brand bike given obvious reference and use of the Tinkoff-Saxo team and kit.


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April 29, 2017
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