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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
  • Neil

    Hi Matt, I read somewhere that SRAM disks chew through pads much quicker than the Shimano ones, especially in gravel/mud/dirt type conditions. They seemed to explain it as more of a brake design problem than a pad issue. Did you have any experience or observations on this?

    • Nate

      I also saw this. One of the testers over at Bikeradar seemed to not have a good experience with wet weather wear of the Sram pads: http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/article/sram-vs-shimano-hydraulic-brake-pads-in-wet-grit-video-44489/

    • I didn’t see enough wet weather to experience any issues with the wear of the disc pads, but I’ve seen the problem on a bike that gets a lot of all weather use. It’s hard to see how the design of the caliper contributes to this issue. In my experience, it’s always the pads. Just like rim brakes, owners can experiment with aftermarket choices to address their needs.

  • scottmanning

    “Shimano’s hydraulic road discs required a lengthy run-in period” SRAM’s don’t require any run-in, or just a short one?

    • In this instance, they were perfect straight out of the box. I’ve installed Shimano’s MTB disc brakes with the same kind of success but the road hydraulic brakes I reviewed demanded a run-in period. Shimano Australia were surprised by it, but I’ve spoke to others that have experienced the same issue. Bad batch of pads might be to blame.

  • CC

    I really wanted to jumpstart my manual euro car when it seemed the battery recently went flat, but it told me to call the dealer instead. Is this where it’s all heading for bikes?

  • John

    Why are ceramic brakes not used more in mainstream production to offset brake-squeal? Logic would say cost is an obvious factor, though given the economies of scale, it would make sense for manufacturers to employ albeit using composite blends perhaps.

    • Ralph

      They wouldn’t get hot enough to work. Am I right dave?

  • Simon

    Those hoods!! Why did they go for the high hood design? Was it a patent thing or does someone at SRAM love pachyderms?

    • Ralph

      It’s got first generation written all over it *waits*

      • RayG

        I think it’s got ‘hydraulic master cylinder AND mechanical shifting mechanism inside’ written all over it.

        • Winky

          True enough, but there still needs to be some more innovation for it to become un-ugly. When I first saw the levers a couple of years back, I assumed they were pre-production prototypes to demonstrate the functionality, but that such hideous monstrosities would not be unleashed on our delicate eyes, until they were much more compact.

  • The “Good/Bad” ratings, are somewhat “flaky” to say the least. You omit the weight penalty, which in today’s hipster market, is relevant, because whilst everyone likes products that improve, the street hipsters, require light kit for their bikes. Routing hydraulic cables with corrosive dot 5.1 fluid, will cause problems on carbon, if dripped upon. Brake squeal on discs is an irritant, that whilst fine on MTB trails, just irritated on the road.

    In summary, great efforts by SRAM, but the details that will make the difference, needs more work.

  • underwhelmed

    A sub 40kph disc brake review…in sunny Perth. Ok.

  • Unsure

    I don’t understand how two types of brakes (rim v disc) are both powerful enough to lock the wheel, given the right input, but one stops quicker than the other?

    Is this about user confidence?

    • Not at all. The braking test is not about locking up the brakes and measuring the length of the skid. The disc brakes provided slightly better modulation so braking could be controlled a little better.

  • Winky

    You missed two “Bad Stuff” bullet points –

    – Brake pads might only last 80km on dirt roads in the rain or less than 1 muddy CX race (I personally find this short pad life issue to be an astonishing and fatal flaw and I am almost angry that manufacturers would release such a system to consumers)
    – Ugly as sin (This alone is enough to ensure they will never feature on a bike of mine)

  • OverIt

    Interested to know what people think of DOT 5.1 vs Mineral on a road bike?

    I’m a SRAM fan, but wound up going with Ultegra Di2 Hydros. You can have the whole Shimano Di2 for far less than the cost of Red, and get a perfect shifting, non-corrosive mineral oil based system. Only SRAM part I have is crank-set and centerline rotors.

  • Guest

    Spend more time fine tuning the Yaw front mech. I have 2 bikes with Sram Red (10 speed & 22) and can run 53/25 and/or 39/11 on both with no rubbing (although I never run these gear combos).

  • phillipivan

    The compromised shifter ergonomics make the hydraulic rim brakes a non-starter as far as I’m corcerned.


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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017