• Derek Maher

    While the MPCC may have seemed a good idea for teams to gain good publicity.The old saying The road to hell is paved with good intentions seems to be playing out.

  • Kenneth Sanders

    This should be a HUGE indication that teams really DON’T want to clean up their acts! I guess being a clean team is too hard and or difficult. I have zero respect for those teams leaving the MPCC. And we want to know why the world of cycling is struggling with sponsorships. Teams say they are clean but when they must prove that they are actually clean the story changes.

  • Daniel

    This team is a joke. They can change their name before every Giro but three years in a row they have had riders popped for doping in that race. How many more years does this need to occur before they are denied their licence or, at the least, their wildcard entry?
    Yes, the UCI needs to look at micro-dosing and whatnot at the pro-level, but most riders will come up through the continental and pro-continental circuits and if the UCI can’t even get rid of EPO at those levels then there are going to be continuing issues with the attitudes of teams and riders at all levels.


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January 17, 2017
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