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  • FTW! Now this is the right way of following a race. So awesome!

    • Thanks. Having suffered on the climb changed the way i see cycling. It adds another dimension to the sport.

  • elbearo

    Thanks for sharing your story. Wow what an adventure. I love how the passion of riding your bike can also turn into your passport to experiencing life and the world. Loved this!

    • Sure, my pleasure. It´s a wonderful way for travelling and experiencing places and countries. Bike moves slow enough and there is no cage around you to sense the mood of mountains, forests, towns, rain and sunshine etc. Plus, everyone can organize a trip like that and have some days to remember.

  • Allez Rouleur

    Wait, you have mortgage payments in Estonia as well?! That stinks, life should be all about riding bikes. Sadly, we have those in the U.S. too.

    What a story, what a ride, what a trip! Thank you for sharing. I hope someday to do something along these lines. I’ve only done short touring, this sounds incredible! Love the coordinated bar tape!

    • Thanks for the warm words. I keep my fingers crossed for your trip – these kinds of travels are epic, loaded with great memories and some pain as well. Sure, there are mortgages and other obligations. But there´s always a way around them :) Like Money Piggy – start filling it up with small amounts a year (or two or three) before departure. There´s a free bonus with that – excitement when waiting for the start. And you can always search for some partners ast there are always companies and people interested in sharing the same message. Another option is to take part in Rapha Travels or something similar to that but the price…

  • Simon

    Great story and pictures, these are what memories are made of. The planning and logistics obviously made for a wonderful trip. A pox on the houses of the bike thieves!

    • Thanks, Simon. Yes, the anticipation is a free bonus with a trip like this :) Thieves hopefully get their reward from karma.

  • Derek Maher

    What a lovely adventure,Many thanks for shareing your great trip.


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