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  • Richard Bruton

    I think it would be awesome if Cancellera announced an attempt then turned up on the day with a Merckx style record bike. I think trek had already started on a prototype. Great marketing opportunity, a chance for greatness and an excuse all in one!

    • Dave

      Some say that all Trek were working on was the right sticker design to fit a 1972 Colnago ;-)

      I’d like to see ANY of the “recent” record holders (Voigt, Brändle, Dennis, Dowsett, Wiggins) go out on a Merckx bike and beat the 49.7km Sosenka mark which was what they all started chasing last year, just to ‘unify’ the Merckx rules with the new rules and provide some equivalency factor, i.e. 50km Merckx = 54km carbon.

  • Derek Maher

    I guess the riders and teams challanged have a few tours pencilled in this summer to keep them busy.
    Bradly will hold the record for some time I think and I doubt he fancies another go too soon.

    • Dave

      I do expect that Wiggo will give it another go some time after Australia pulls his pants down in the Team Pursuit at the Rio Olympics – but only if someone else beats it by a small margin before then.


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