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  • Derek Maher

    Some things never change in the cycle racing world,Back biteing,Team disputes,Hand bag rows, Plus the cut throat competition among the suits(officials) for a placing on the international ladder.

  • Eddie Groves

    It was interesting hearing Matt having a go at Van den Broeck during the SBS Giro coverage, basically saying he’s boring and never attacks, especially compared with Ryder. Apparently he’s only won a single race.

  • anyoldbike

    Hmmm “In which other team can the eleventh-placed in the standings not wait for the one in fifth?” kind of like 2009 when Lotto waited in the 4th Stage team trial for Van den Broek, despite the fact that it probably killed Cuddles’ chances on GC. Admittedly not a great Tour for Cuddles, but some of that might have been team politics etc. certainly Cuddles was with BMC the next year.


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August 21, 2017
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