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  • Sean Doyle

    He’s a ‘slow burner’ meaning he has taken his time and is not necessarily a bad thing. His progression so far may just give him the rewards he seeks.

  • Dave

    Let’s see the Gardener win the GC battle within his own team before we get too ahead of ourselves here.

    • Samaway

      Thought he was a made man with Evans’ departure. Is there another contender on BMC I don’t know about?

      • Dave

        Just because his best rival has gone doesn’t mean that he will automatically become a leader. BMC has a strong squad with a number of guys ready to take their chance if Tejay does a Richie in the second week.

        He might end up being like Mark Webber at Le Mans a couple of weeks ago – different young German teammate, still coming second.

        • marzipan

          Who other these “other guys”. No-one on their list seems even remotely close.

  • Bikefreek

    I’d really like to like him but I get the impression in his interviews that he is quite generous in his assessment of his capabilities (read arrogant) and this article touches on this but calls it “confidence”. Maybe its a tall poppy thing but I am yet to be convinced.

    • Samaway

      Well, he has had a good run-up to the Tour. Sure, Contador and Niabli weren’t at their best when van Garderen beat them earlier this year, but neither was he. I think his biggest problem, from which the generosity/arrogance seems to stem, is staying consistent for three weeks…

      • Sean Doyle

        …..but without that utter self belief at this level of the sport you may as well pack up and go home. It can be construed as arrogance but you have to be 100% in your own corner when your shooting for a top 5.

        • Samaway

          Yeah, I see what you’re saying. I guess with the Tour de France aiming for the podium requires utter self belief. It’s that hard of a race

  • pedr09

    I’d be wanting more than a ‘podium place’ aspiration from my GC guy.

    • Samaway

      Ideally, yes, though it’s better than the “get air time in a break” aspirations of many other teams :)

  • Daniel

    A podium is not unrealistic. Of the big four GC guys, you will probably lose at least one to crash, illness, or some other misfortune (Pozzovivo and Porte out of the Giro, Quintana out of the Vuelta, Contador and Froome out of the Tour, Rodriquez out of the Giro, on and on). You’ve then got Contador recovering from the Giro (didn’t work well last time) and Nibali not exactly slaying it. You could see a podium of Froome, Quintana, Van Garderen happening…

  • Whippet

    On any given day he can beat the top guys. But I’m not sure about any given three weeks. Like Daniel said, TvG’s chance of making the podium depends on the fate of the other GC contenders as much as on his own performance.

  • Allez Rouleur

    Fuck him. Motorpacing with Pharmstrong shows nothing has changed. I used to forgive his dopiness in front of the camera, now I’m sure there is dope behind his podium aspirations.

    Any cyclist who would willingly get involved with Lance is one interested in 1) money 2) results. That means he doesn’t give a fuck about the sport, honor, or the fans.

    Hope to see him blow up on some climbs and lose to other dopers. The only way to change the system is to ride clean, call others out, and make yourself heard. It’s not gonna happen, money equals silence in the PRO tour.

    • Samaway

      A little harsh, but I understand where you’re coming from. I think the biggest problem with sport is that it’s not at all what “we” (i.e., most people, our culture, etc.) think it is or want it to be. At it’s core, (elite) sport is not about honor, “pure” human effort, or cleanliness. It’s about winning, at all costs. It is war.

    • Sean Doyle

      Go for a ride dude. It’s Friday.

  • William

    For sure guys like TJVG, Talansky & Martin can be on the podium. But only if Condator, Nibali, Froome & Quintana all break their legs and withdraw from the tour at the same time. Otherwise, you’re alarm clock is ringing Tejay.

  • david__g

    I wonder if he really, genuinely doesn’t see why Armstrong is a very different case to someone like Vaughters, for example, or he’s just pretending to be naive and dumb about it all. Either way doesn’t do him many favours.

    And it’s a shame, because he is a good rider and I’d like to be able to get behind him, but this doesn’t make it easy at all.

  • Johan Kalex

    last year, he has not beat someone like Pinot once on a tour of France in 2014 during an mountain stage, each time it was either the same time or behind it. So believe he can beat Nibali Froome, Contador and Quintana…


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