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  • lulu

    Can’t wait to watch this looks fantastic.

  • Michael Sproul

    It winds me right up that that there’s barely any mention of the Women’s tour in the media! It’s not on the Road websites I visit and it’s not prominent on the British Cycling webpage, no info in the newsletter emails that BC send out as far as I can remember either.

    • BenW

      Ha. It’s funny, they put signs up saying “Advance Warning, Cycle Even 18th June 2015” along the route a few weeks back. I googled “Cycle event Essex” and the date; along with a few other things like “race”, and could I find it? Could I heck. Where do I live? Braintree, the start of Stage 2 tomorrow. This is coming from an INRNG and CyclingTips daily reader and sporadic commenter, with a ROuleur subscription. It still managed to pass me by.

  • Derek Maher

    Great report Jessi,Fair dues to all the people who worked on getting this race together.
    Plus thanks for the links on where to watch it.

  • Cameron Fraser

    Wish I could see it here in Canada

  • Thomas

    Paraolympian. Seriously? The event is called the Paralympic Games and athletes are called Paralympians. It’s akin to saying triath-a-lon

    • Jessi Braverman

      Thanks for alerting us to the typo. It’s been corrected!


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