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  • jules

    nice piece Shane. shows that there’s more to being a top rider than watts and marginal gains. young prospects need the right environment and that’s not always at the top teams.

    • Steven

      If you read Sky’s comments they also need the right attitude, and Josh didn’t have that there. He certainly seems to have perked up ideas now.

      • Tom Wells

        Team Sky honestly sounded quite petty. It sounds to me more like Josh just didn’t get along with the management, so Team Sky took their bat and ball home.

        He seems like a nice lad. I live nearby but haven’t had the opportunity to chat to him yet, seen him on the road a few times though.

  • WillR

    Bottom line is that Sky probably wasn’t greeting the return on their investment and he was not developing as quickly as they would have hoped/expected. It would be wrong to point the finger at either party without hard evidence. Looks like he us making a go of it with An Post and no doubt his credentials will improve over the next couple of seasons.

    • velocite

      It would be interesting to hear Sky’s reflections, but I suppose we won’t. Sky can chalk Josh up a fail, but if he succeeds by another route they probably should reflect upon their own approach. Bringing along young riders is something all teams should do IMHO.


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