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  • MattHurst

    Well played Sir. Brutal.

  • jakub

    I was surprised that he was quite off the black line many times during the hour. But it seemed as it was intentional, as he did it lap by lap – just before entering the curve he went slightly up towards the red line, perhaps to gain some additional momentum in the sloped part? Nevertheless, If you would compare it to Obree and Boardman, their rides were smoother and more “sticked” to the black line. Surprising given Bradley’s track pedigree…

    • gildasd

      All tracks have little intricacies… Trust Wiggo to have found them.

    • jiris

      I haven’t watched the hour record of Wiggins, but yeah. Following the black line is really important in the corners. In the straights, it can be useful to go a little wide, so you can attack the corner much more agressively.

  • CC&Co.

    Awesome efffort!
    Do we know what gear he rode for it?

    • muz


      • Commentator stated 58 x 18.

        • Hurtin’ Albertan

          Crazy. That’s 85″. 134rpm. I didn’t watch. Was he really spinning that much?

          • He actually rode a 58×14 – 111″. Insane.

            • Lachlan ‘Pinto’ Davis

              I thought 134rpm sounded too high.

  • Nitro

    Almost exactly 3% faster / further / better than the previous record. In these times of marginal gains, thats a pretty significant gain…

    Wonder if / who / when someone’s going to be brave enough to give it a go now…

    • jakub

      I think that Tony Martin is capable of doing 55km, assuming that he will either have low atmospheric air pressure or will attempt it at altitude.

  • Damien

    The air pressure was high in London, I wonder if he will give 55 km another go. Hopefully he will take a shot at altitude!

  • SK

    What wheels did he use?

  • Tricky Dicky

    I don’t know if I like Wiggo or not as a bloke as he can come across as a bit of a prat at times (so can we all I guess). However, he does have the smoothest action on a bike I have ever seen. I cannot think of anyone look so effortless yet ride so fast. I loved Cancellara’s description of Wiggo’s style: “fluid”.

    • WillR

      I had the pleasure of going to the event and was only a few rows back on the backstratight. He has one of the most graceful; looks effortless at times riding style. His back was horizontal and his upper body never moved. A seriously impressive display of man and machine working as one.

      • DeenaHSanderson

        ♥✿✉⚓▼ 98$/hour@mk6



        • Michele

          You should get into IT Deena. I charge $190 plus GST per hour. Min call out is $250.00 ex GST including Travel Time.

          No such thing as a great Alfa either.

  • Chris Carpenter

    I’m kinda curious that Sir Bradley didn’t wear some sort of overshoe type cover. As someone mentioned, marginal gains and all that I would have thought everything would have been done to gain as much aerodynamic advantage as possible. I can’t believe he did it because of sponsorship pressure by Giro? Those gold shoes where sweet, especially the ‘WIGGO’ on the sole. For the most part I noticed and read about that everything at this level of competition is done for a reason, not on a whim.

    I caught the last 10 minutes, it was incredible to watch. To think my best pace is about 40km/h his effort was just magnificent!

    • jakub

      overshoes are not allowed anymore by UCI track regulations if I recall correctly.

    • Patrick

      Overshoes aren’t allowed under UCI track rules. Even things like maximum sock length are covered in there (although Brad seemed to have some zips in the back of his socks…)

    • WillR

      Overshoes on the track are banned by the UCI. He was however wearing a very interesting pair of socks – they looked very tight and aero with little tabs on the rear of teh calfs. That was his marginal gains!

  • Tom

    “He was wearing the colours of his new Wiggins’ team and a gold track helmet, presumably coloured that way to signify his Olympic gold medal. ”

    * Gold medals

    • Shane Stokes

      Hi Tom, the mention referred to his current Olympic gold, for the time trial. I guess you could argue he might be referencing his past medals too

  • jules

    Wiggo is the boss. what a ride. will be interesting to see if Tony martin can get it. so much respect – the guy has achieved so much. who’d have guessed he’d be back on the track making records so long after his earlier successes there? and winning a Tour.

  • Anon N + 1

    Dear Cycling Tips,

    Would you please remove DeenaHSanderson inappropriate post? Thank you. (Perhaps you might should all future posts from this address as well.)


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