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  • Megan Dwyer

    Hi Anne, thanks for the great reviews. Love the nail polish from Fondo. I’m loving my babici femme range at the moment but nice to see what else is out there.

  • Derek Maher

    I am surprised that the womens bib manufactures have not used a simple velcro fastning for the back strap rather than a clip which might be a better option.?.

    • lauren o’keefe

      Velcro wears out and you wouldn’t be able to trust it to not pop apart at an inopportune moment. I’d rather have something that I know is going to stay together, like a clip (or a zip).

      Still, it’s annoying it’s taken bib manufacturers this long to work out they need to do something about making a loo stop a lot easier for women. Having said that, I’m a Rapha girl through and through so I’ve got a mix of their shorts and bibs. In summer it’s not a problem, I’m not fussed about stripping off to go to the loo but in winter? Not bibs! I was so happy when Rapha released thermal padded tights last year after two winters with their thermal longs – they were great but it meant stripping off any time I wanted to go to the loo.

      • Derek Maher

        Good point lauren,I guess the dreaded washing machine would wreck the velcro after a few spins.

        • lauren o’keefe

          I was also thinking about how the stick-to side goes all fluffy after awhile which makes it hard to get a good closure. I imagine spins through the washing machine wouldn’t help at all.

          • Derek Maher

            Hi lauren,In the old days before all the bibs came on the market a lot of us used to use braces with plastic clips to keep our shorts from slipping,As they were under the jersey their lack of elegance depending on colour did not show.Essential equipment once the winter weight fell off the body.

  • Sydney Brown

    I received my first pair of Velocio superfly’s last week along with a jersey. Love the gear so much that I bit the bullet and ordered another bib and jersey today, so I don’t have to wear any of my other stuff next week. The reviewer is spot on about the jersey material. It was an exceptionally steamy morning the jersey was sopping, but didn’t feel yukky, just cool. The bibs compress and support, but never feel binding, and the length is perfect – not too short to hold leg warmers in place properly, like some. Also, the chamois is enough without feeling bulky. If you’re on the size line with the bibs, consider ordering up. I’m glad I did. The jerseys, I’m not sure. I have a medium and a large so far. I ordered the large because the medium felt a little too snug through the shoulders and upper arms. The large accommodates my arms and shoulders nicely, but is a wee bit roomier than preferred through the core. Love it anyway.

  • erin_2503

    Thanks for the reviews. Sure it’s great that there are more options now than pink or purple versions of men’s kit but I don’t fancy any of the colour schemes or patterns. They don’t look particularly sleek or elegant and the problem is definitely the kit and not the models! I nearly like the Fondo kit but the blue isn’t quite right. As with the jerseys (except Rapha black obvs) the colours are a bit washed out which isn’t flattering on many women.
    Can you recommend any kits that have matching top and bottom?
    The kits in the Pearl Izumi ads look pretty good, they didn’t offer you any to try out?

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Hey Erin, we are reviewing a lot more cool kit including the pearl izumi, which with its matching top and bibs, is very flattering. Be sure to check back in for our second round of kit reviews in the coming weeks!


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