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  • lowercasev


  • Chris

    But will the prize money be equal for the Women’s winner?

    • Lee Rodgers

      It’s not Chris, and it’s a failing of the event, but we are working to amend it. It’s a complicated affair as much of the prize money comes via the government. You can imagine that as a result, things move very slowly. However it is a prime concern, we have increased it a lot respectively since 2 years ago and it’s at the top of our agenda. I hold my hand up though on this one. It’s a bit Catch 22 though as if we had more women riding we could push for better prizes, but the existing inequality means some are turned off. Grant us some patience and we will work to balance it. Last year Nicole Cooke came though as a journalist, and we hope Tiffany Cromwell’s appearance the last two years will help.

    • Chris Lee

      Less of them race it, so a smaller pool of entry fees collected. Also public interest is less so the media value is worth less to the organisers/government. I know this doesn’t mean less effort by the women who compete, however there is a reality.

    • Greg Khan

      The intention here is good but the logic and the math is fuzzy. I know girls who can drop many a dude at any time and are certified bad a$$es but If the women’s field is a quarter the size of the men’s and barely half as deep,where is the logic in offering the same amount of prize money ? Is it simply a matter of being politically correct ?


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