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  • jules

    if I set my trainer up in the lounge like that at 1am, I’d be wearing that chair before long :)

  • Mikael_L

    I’ve been known to take a quick look at the remaining distance as soon as the broadcast starts, do some quick calcs & set an alarm for when I think I’ll need to wake up for the last 10k’s before taking a snooze on the couch.

    • jules

      I’ve tried snoozing on the couch beforehand and waking up for the finale. it seems that the broadcast volume always goes up when they live-cross to Macka or whoever is at the finish line these days – after the race has been won – waking me up. annoying.

  • Annie.

    I usually envy you for the climate, your cycling community, kiwi fruits and kangagoos (for the sake of sticking to clichés). But regarding the Tour, I’m happy to living in “the right time zone”. Furthermore: No snow here right now, but hot and humid summer days to be grateful for.

    PS: In a few months’ time, you’ll be all about warmth and summer and great rides in the sunshine. I’ll be back to envy mode by then with our northern-hemisphere winter setting in, for sure….

  • Pete23

    I’ve been watching the live stream via the tour tracker app with headphones on. Been finding I drift of to sleep only to be awoken by the over enthusiastic commentating in the last ten kms or so.

  • Derek Maher

    Like Annie I live in a good time zone.Ireland.I must say Verita your photo of working out on a trainer puts me to shame.The Tours and the bathroom scales have always been a battle although this year I have dragged myself from the armchair and outside for a quick spin to get rid of the guilt factor that tends to build up.Love the article.

  • David

    The pre race nana nap is a good option. Set the alarm on your phone to avoid missing the finale and invite a crew for the great stages. A group will keep you up.


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