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  • Wish I was on the bike…

    I started thinking this is cool. Then, he explained it is a simple database (less geeky cool). Then he clearly articulated the benefits to users. Yep- cool. Oh, and 12 gts.

    • Wookie

      I remember that the secret pro made reference to the fact that Hansen could be earning way more money off the bike (than as a rider- but he takes the lesser money, and does 12 GTs, therefore top bloke. I have to agree). I wonder if this is the kind of stuff he was referring to? Clearly a very talented and industrious gent.

      • Andy B

        I think hes involved in a number of business ventures- software, his shoes, clothing

  • Robert Merkel

    Now I can justify reading CT for work – I’ll steal this video to show to my students.

    Not because the system is overly technically complicated, but because it demonstrates the importance of having somebody who understands both the technology *and* the problem.


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May 23, 2017
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