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  • Dave

    Sprinting is all about getting into the right position, and nobody does it better than Robbie McEwen who managed to get a microphone in the Gorilla’s face less than a minute after he won the stage!

    Robbie’s explanation of Cav lacking power because he’s lacking muscle mass is interesting, but I think there’s an even more interesting alternative – that he jinxed himself when he publicly dumped on his domestiques the other day.

    Well done to Matthews for picking up another award without compromising his lead for the individual lanterne rouge. Orica will need to be attentive, Bretagne-Seche took seven minutes out of their lead in the teams version.

  • Winky

    Neither Cav nor Sagan on the new Venge. I wonder what’s wrong with the new bikes from Spesh?

    • tertius_decimus

      They don’t say “Colnago” on the downtube. Trust me.

    • My3Cents

      That’s it, I’m buying a Ridley.

    • Dave

      It’s these stages in the open air, I bet.

      They’ll surely use those bikes once they get to the days where the racing is held in a wind tunnel.

    • Andrew Wilson

      I’ve heard the new brake designs are somewhat sketchy and Cav said he won’t ride them in the rain or while descending. I’m imagine Sagan is the same way.

  • Darren Yearsley

    Sagan was indeed on the old venge today


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