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  • Phil Stephens

    What would you say to adding some fun by trying something new? – say track cycling or cyclo-cross?

    • Betty M. McKinney
    • Jessi Braverman

      That’s exactly what Ali suggests: “My favorite way to keep training fun is to ride different bikes. If you are a roadie, summer is a great time to hone in your bike handling skills (not to mention build great seated power) with mountain biking a couple times a week. You can even throw in a short track race here and there to take place of your VO2 intervals. If you are a mountain biker, spend some time on your road bike and add in a road race or two to test out your fitness and race tactics.”
      So yes – absolutely!

  • ginga_ninja

    Great article! I think it’s easy to lose the fun of riding when you race and train a lot. I’ve found mixing up my bikes (MTB, track), taking the Garmin off from time to time and cross-training (swimming, touch footy, rowing machine etc) all help to freshen me up. Cross training is great because you’re still keeping fit and sometimes even developing strength which benefits the bike.


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