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  • Survey Says

    I officially don’t care who wins the TDF. So sick of this garbage, ‘yes we are anti-doping, but no we won’t inconvenience ourselves in restoring the sports justifiably tarnished image’. Nice that Rohan Dennis got a win though.

  • Derek Maher

    There seems to be a pattern emerging between low cortisol levels and anti asthma therapy among those riders tested ?.
    Of course if a person was treated for joint injury in the past with cortisone a common surgical procedure this may have a lingering effect on tests.That combined with inhaler use may give the type of result the MPCC are complaining about.Astana will probably have to quit the MPCC and face further problems ahead.However there was some talk of them being in trouble over sponsership for 2016 so one can understand the management being under pressure to get a good TDF result and race Lars.


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May 28, 2017
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