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  • jules

    heal well Ivan.

    I wonder if he got it from the attempted doping though?

    • mouse

      …and there it is.
      I was wondering how long it would take for the pundits to point the bone.
      Disappointed in you to voice this.

      • Nitro

        I too am disappointed, but at the same time you know that there will be many who are thinking the same.

        I have opinion either way apart from to say that Cancer’s clearly a horrible & terrifying thing that puts things like a bike race into perspective.

        If a crash in the Tour is what lead to this discovery, he’s a lucky man to have crashed when he did…

        • Tom Wells

          The crash could have caused it. My grandad fell on his shoulder, bruised it and later it developed into cancer.

          It’s fairly well documented that trauma can cause cancer, though rarely.

          Still, it is indeed lucky on his part it’s been caught so early!

          • Rums Ranger

            Tom – it’s a myth that trauma precipitates cancers. A brief search of the scientific literature will reveal that there is no good evidence for it.

            However, underlying cancers are discovered following other injuries. This can be because the cancer has led to the injury (for example, bones affected by cancer may cause fractures) or because investigation of the injury leads to the cancer’s discovery.

            Testicular cancer is often found after a knock to the area – because this prompts self-examination.



      • jules

        I’ll bet Frankie Andreu wishes he thought of that line when Betsy dragged him out of Lance’s hospital room to tell him if he ever “did that s*it I’ll leave you”. instead of crapping his pants, Frankie could have replied “Betsy! how dare you even go there! the poor man has cancer!”

      • Ed Zachary

        While it is unfortunate for anyone to get cancer, it does make one wonder if his PED usage played any part in causing the malignancy. It’s an honest question. Sorry if you’re offended by it.

        • Michele

          I’m not offended. I probably just wouldn’t asked the question publicly ?

          Opening chapter of Lance to Landis does make you think.

          Hope for the best for Basso.

        • tj

          It is physiologically improbable that there is any association. As Shane correctly reported, testicular cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer among young men of European descent. Its reported incidence amongst professional cyclists is actually significantly lower than would be expected given the epidemiological data.

          • jules

            on the other hand, its reported incidence among professional cyclists who were clients of Drs Ferrari or Fuentes is significantly higher

            • tj

              I’ll trust the scientific data rather than the suppositions of anyone predisposed to draw conclusions from irrelevant associations.

              • jules

                medical trivia:

                – which male organ is responsible for producing testosterone in its natural form?
                – in which male organ did Lance’s and Ivan’s cancer originate?
                – which popular drug (testosterone, damn that’s the answer) is/was popular with doping cyclists and interferes with the body’s natural production of said substance.

                the thing about scientific data is it’s meaningless unless you have the expertise to interpret it. basic logic, on the other hand…

                • tj

                  If your logic were correct, there should have been a spike in testicular cancer in the general population in the late 1990’s after testosterone supplementation was approved by the FDA, and the incidence of testicular cancer in the US should be much higher than in Australia owing to a much broader use of exogenous testosterone, neither of which has happened.

                  Would you also predict that athletes who have used blood doping products would have a higher incidence of blood cancers?

                  • jules

                    firstly, I never drew a definite link. I was arguing that the possibility of a link seems logical.
                    secondly, testosterone supplementation is about restoring levels that drop with age. these guys are super-charging themselves with much higher quantities. there’s a major difference (and I’m guessing – no ‘scientific data’ for that)
                    thirdly – there appears to be strong evidence that the human body reacts best to ingesting substances it’s evolved to ingest. whole foods – fruit and veg., ruffages, etc. in general – if you put stuff into your body that it hasn’t evolved to process, there’s the possibility of harming it. this is – I’d say – irrefutable, if simplistic (varies with substance).

                    all I’m saying is that it would be naive to rule the link out. and from what I can read, medical science has not done that. no proof of a link does not = no risk.

                    it could be that there is no link. I’ve never said that there is – definitely. but it sounds suspicious to me.

                    • Derek Maher

                      Hi jules,The main risk run in a small number of cases useing a testosterone supplement would be to the prostrate gland and that in mainly older patients.

  • Michael Sproul

    I read an interesting article a couple of years ago that made the (tenuous?) link between impact damage and testicular cancer, it went something like 99% of the guys with testicular cancer had taken a serious knock to the balls, I really can’t remember much about it and correlation does not imply causation but interesting none the less as I read Basso say it wasn’t the first time he’d tagged the boys in a crash, we’ve probably all done it more than we’d like!! Check your bits lads, you might not be as “lucky” as Basso!

  • Derek Maher

    Crash injuries plus a lot of riders may not have been useing saddles in past years which were ideal for for their particular build and riding style.
    This could lead to a gradual build up of problems in the nether regions.Sponsors equipment used to take priority over riders needs and the Pro’s just got on with it.Ivan will probably need steroid and Testostorone treatment to aid his recovery.


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