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  • Kendb001

    It’s a gorgeous !

  • Timmy S

    Andy White is a sickening perfectionist and I love every detail he puts into his bikes and products.

  • sports fan

    “damn girl”

  • Gus Gollings

    I love this project! What passion for bikes! Respect! Andy, what is your feeling about crank caps – do you leave them off deliberately? I assume you do; is there are specific reason?

    • Cyco

      Gus, On a UltraTorque crankset like the Athena that Andy has used there is no thread to screw the dust caps into

    • Cyco got it in one. Otherwise I’d always include them if it was original spec.

  • Level of attention to details is incredible on this bike. Never seen such perfect bartape wrap and cable end finish before. Perfection!

    • velocite

      Yes indeed. I thought I took care over my bar tape but now I see that I don’t. Inspiring!

  • d;

    Is this meant to be ridden, ladies and gentlemen?

    • Yes. Every weekend. The owner has a period correct De Rosa which he planned to ride regularly, but that changed when I delivered it.


      This Olmo bike was designed for regular riding in mind, hence the modern components which are easily sourced when they wear out. He’s already broken it in!

  • Mark

    Classiest bike I’ve seen on CT. Were the head tube lugs polished on the original frame?

  • Rodrigo Diaz

    Holy hell… that’s absolutely gorgeous. And the condition of the components is remarkable as well. The yellow and blue piping details are beautiful.

  • Whippet

    While there have been many changes in bicycles in recent years, they haven’t all been improvements.

  • d;

    I love steel. I had this idea Snub to Carbon. It had to be a modern racing bike around Campagnolo. I made a concession to a carbon fork, and that was it. One day I may pick up where I stopped.

  • Mike Wolfenden

    those cable tips… are they custom?

    • They aren’t standard. It’s only enamel paint.

      • Lyre_bird

        That’s a really interesting idea, Andy. In my opinion it would work even better using doped LV epoxy instead of enamel and pre – etching the cable ends to guarantee adhesion. I’ll give it a go on the bikes I’m building at the moment.

        • Mike Wolfenden

          Any chance you can post about the process and results?

  • 900Aero

    Lovely bike, well done.
    (Does look like the roses could use a prune though)

  • Wakatel Lu’um

    Pretty sure they’re not Athena chainrings…they look cheap, rest of the bike looks great!

  • pervertt

    See, bar tape and saddle don’t have to match. Time to re-write Rule no. 8.

  • Whippet

    Notice newbies which manufacturers make classics, and which are merely flavours of the day.

  • lefthandside

    Would look dope with SRAM wireless ;)


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