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  • RayG

    Who pays the GST? Does it get paid at the checkout or do we have to go through the customs process and pay an extra fee on top of the GST at import?

  • Quickdraw

    How about Canada? The Australia of the north.

    • DangerDirte

      Hear hear! I can’t afford one, currently, but hot damn I’ll have a Canyon for my old retired man bike!

  • Hi Ray,

    Good question. By law we will have to advertise all prices inclusive of GST and the customer must pay the advertised price including GST. Bikes will then be shipped using a method that will make sure that the bike arrives without delay or additional payment at customs. As per the article, we have already tested shipping 2 bikes thus far and both arrived without delay or payment request at customs inside 7 days from Canyon Home in Germany.

    @ Quickdraw, good question. Not really one I can answer as Market Manager for Australia & New Zealand. My understanding is that there are definitely other markets being looked at for the future.


    Darryl Moliere

    • Canyonero

      Hi Darryl, when do you think we can realistically get our hands on the bikes? Nov, Dec?
      Will framesets be offered or only full bikes?
      I only ask because I currently have an order with Canyon to be delivered when I go on holiday OS, so I’m wondering whether I cancel the order and wait out for local supply.

      • Hi Canyonero,

        We are definitely aiming for late in the year. Your call how you want to play it. If you were intending on collecting the bike from Canyon Home I would do that as the place is very impressive! We can still support you here for after sales no problem at all.

        Yes we will offer framesets and complete bikes.



        • James L

          Hi Darryl

          I jumped on the site the other day and it appears we are not there yet. Christmas is closing in – do you have a launch date yet?


        • Pat

          Hey @darrylmoliere:disqus I was wondering when they will be able to be ordered here in Aus, Are you still set on the start of december as you have said in other comments?

    • Quickdraw

      I’m sure eventually they will get more popular globally. I think cyclists all over are interested because they are sexy looking bikes.

    • Bob Windle

      I am considering buying a Canyon Endurance. Can it be supplied in Azure Blue or glow red?
      Thks/Rgds, Bob

    • diremyk

      Hi Darryl,

      I’m in the market for a new bike as my current one was written off a few months ago (A car t-boned me pulling out onto the main road I was riding on).

      I’m all healed up now so I was going to go check out Specialized this week but might just hold off for the new Canyon range.
      Can you let me know when you expect to start taking orders? I’m itching for a new bike.


      • Hi there Diremyk. December is when we are planning to have the Australian version of the site going live.

        Not too far away I hope….

        • LL

          Hi Darryl,

          Having sold my MTB and returned from spending year+ abroad in a place with 0 trails, I’m itching for a new MTB!

          Any news/ideas if the the Spectral will be able to be ordered iyour anciticpated December grand opening?


  • Andy B

    I don’t need another bike… do I?

  • Abdu

    Awesome news. Beautiful bikes. They have been on my ‘most wanted’ list for a while.
    The only thing, will Canyon provide a list of reasons I can provide to the wife justifying why I NEED this bike? I may resort to begging and or having to fork out for a ridiculously priced handbag…

    • If it helps we could make a good list of reasons!! Not sure that your wife will understand them though……..

    • David Libline

      Lol…hay i had the same performances with my wife about buying another bike. I went through hell…i was about to buy me a terk but the bike shop crap on me..so i decide to buy canyon and i am really plz that everything worked out…

  • TwoWheels

    Great!! I had just convinced myself that i would by something else instead of holding out hope for a Canyon.
    Any idea when there will be a confirmed release date and pricing?

    • Few things that the exact date depends on. Aiming to have bikes available for sale on the website before the end of the calendar year.

  • David Robertson

    Been riding a Canyon for several years. Got a frame delivered here in 2009 when I talked them into it and then they shut the door. Got a new one in 2013 but had to go to Singapore to pick up. That is how good they are. I am actually a bit sad they can be easily bought here soon. I lose the “exclusive”. Still the best frame I’ve ever had in 25+ years riding.

    • Leroy

      Good to hear but don’t be sad DR. Who cares about being ‘exclusive’? Put your ego to one side; it’s good to see more people using good equipment isn’t it?

    • You will always be the trend setter though David.

  • Boss Hogg

    What TwoWheels said!!!!!

  • Tim Cheshire

    Hopefully their service record will be better than experienced by one of my club riders. Bike arrived with scuffed wheels and a mechanical issue, took about 7 weeks to replace, almost as if Canyon wanted to pass the buck….that said nice bike

    • Hi Tim, Service will be local. We will be working hard for our customers to keep them happy in this competitive market.

      • Bridge Road Brewers

        Lets hope so. The European service is totally inadequate. Im interested to see the wait time on repairs after you have sold 2 years worth of stock. Waiting 3 weeks for parts. Time will only tell.

  • Notso Swift

    About time!
    Too late for me, I tried to buy one in Europe to bring home myself after a holiday and was told no warranty (I understand that – they couldn’t support it even though I had to return to base)
    But will be on the list for my next bike, working on the N+1 principle…

  • purpletezza

    Fantastic! I have admired Canyon since Baden Cooke rode one many years ago. Glad that Canyon is selling direct rather than via one of the local oligopoly distributors.

    Will pricing be in Euro or AUD on the website? Prefer Euro so we get the commercial Fx rate via the credit card rather than a retail Fx rate made up by the website.

    Also from my experience an imported bike frame attracts an import duty. How will this be handled in the costing?

    Oh and I am in the market for my next “best bike” as well, either as complete bike or frameset and live in a South Eastern Melbourne suburb so can easily get to you new HQ……

    • Hi there purpletezza.
      Local fixed pricing in AUD incl GST. We figure for the most part this will make it a lot easier for our customers.
      My experience tells me that there is an import duty tariff and a tariff concession order against this tariff. End result no duty, although of course the bikes will attract the normal 10% GST.
      The import charges will all be taken care of with the one initial payment on the site – bike buy price plus shipping costs. Again keeping it simple for the customers to purchase.
      No hold ups at customs or additional payments required with our proposed shipping method.
      Should be pretty easy for you to get your ‘best bike’ and with a Canyon it will come at the best price!

      • purpletezza

        Thanks for the reply. Please make sure that if you fix the price in local AUD that you don’t apply the “Australia Tax” of 30-50%. As a customer I expect the local price to be the overseas price with the going Fx rate applied. As I am sure you know many global companies fleece Australian consumers by only allowing purchases from a “local” website version of the global website. A perfect example of this is when you go to buy a Lenovo/Dell/HP laptop and find the same product is advertised in USA for $799 but advertised “locally” for $1399! Obviously an extra $600 in this case is not just GST.

        Consumers, ACCC, Choice and Federal Senate enquiries have wised up to this scam and so consumers do all they can to avoid this blatant rip-off or they just avoid those offending brands completely.

        Hence if there are extra “real” charges for buying a Canyon in AUD I suggest your website is very transparent about exactly what those costs (and not gratuitous margins) are.

        Looking forward to considering a Canyon for my next bike…..

  • JamesC

    Canyon: Please oh please come to the US! I would buy your bikes in a heartbeat…

    • Manoah

      and Canada!

  • bigstu_

    Couldn’t be happier to hear this fantastic news. Darryl Moliere, congratulations on getting this up. I wish you every success. I too have been a strong Canyon advocate for over 7 years and have two Ultimate CFs that are the best frames for those with a tall, strong Australian physique, bar none. They easily outperform better known brands costing three times more. My 64cm frames have proved reliable, light, sure footed, traveled the world and been the winningest frames I’ve ever owned. I will always remember bombing down the Col de Madelaine ay 80kph dodging drunk Norwegians in Campervans, putting the front wheel EXACTLY where I wanted it. I will also never forget days spent climbing in the Pyrenees, Alps and Ventoux with a bike so responsive it made my 120kg body feel like it was 80kg. I have always wished I could have more and now they will be far easier to obtain. This is the best thing that’s happened for cycle consumers in Oz for decades. I look forward to a price drop by other Manufacturers from the stupid prices we have had to endure till now.

    • Hi Stu. Thanks for the amazing product endorsement.
      NOTE: I do not personally know Stu and there was no money exchanged in relation to this post!!!

  • Albert

    Great news! Always found it odd that Canyon didn’t ship to Australia given Cadel rode one for many years – including when he won the worlds.

  • echidna_sg

    Will you offer the 20% racing licence holder discount in OZ like they have in EU?

    • Hi Echidna,

      Good question. I will look in to this one and you will find out more around launch time later in the year. I can’t see why not.

      FYI in EU the discount is offered on select products and it varies – not a flat 20%.



  • Jim

    so where’s the “gravel road bike” with hydro discs ? (any estimates on pricing yet?)

    • The Gravel road bike? I haven’t seen that one Jim!!

      Pricing will not be exactly the same as in EU due to different costs to get the bikes here.

      In saying this we will definitely be competitive due to our direct supply model.



  • Travis

    We rode Canyons on a cycling tour from Bangkok to Phuket. Lovely bikes.

  • Scott s

    Hi Darryl,
    So glad to hear canyon are on the way, consider a new 2016 ultimate cf slx sold!

    • Hi Scott,

      Perfect. Keep an eye on the facebook page for updates and join the newsletter on the Canyon site if you haven’t already.



      • Scott s

        Mate, I’m literally checking it five times a day! Hey, would you happen to know what bb the new ultimate cf slx will use? Just a PF like the current model?
        Best regards- Scott

        • Hi Scott,

          Yes press fit like the current model.

          Stay patient!!



      • Scott s

        Still waiting : )

        Hey Darryl, do you know if we will be able to purchase from canyon by the time of the release of the new ultimate?

        • Hi Scott,

          Remain patient!! The new Ultimate will definitely be available to order as soon as we launch later in the year.



          • Scott s

            Thanks Darryl, patience of a saint, I promise! Just hoping they are available to order straight away and won’t have a lengthy backlog. I hope the manufacturing department is busy?

            You’re the man thanks again!

          • Scott s

            Hi Darryl,
            Sorry to stalk but I notice the new ultimates are now for sale on the canyon website. I was hoping to be riding one at the Tour down under mid Jan next year. Do you think there is any possibility of that? Sorry to keep messaging you here, I don’t have any other contact details.
            Kind regards- Scott

            • Rodney Andonopoulos

              Any response?

              • Scott s

                Nahh, I’m sure the guys are super busy trying to get this great brand to our home.

                • Yep super busy and just back from Eurobike.
                  Your question is a good one Scott S. Right now we could be pretty confident. Understanding future availability is much harder to predict.
                  I hope you are riding one in January as I would love nothing more than seeing happy Canyon customers visiting our booth in the Expo area at the TDU.

                  • Scott s

                    Thanks for getting back Darryl,
                    I’ll keep my fingers crossed and either way, I’ll come and shake your hand at the tent.
                    Kind regards- Scott 0402079271

                  • Mark

                    Hi Darryl, a CF-SLX rider since May last year. Love the bike. Is Canyon Aus set up to service and supply parts now? Just found out it is impossible to get replacement Ai-70 headset bearings in Australia after mine failed this week. Any help would be appreciated.

  • En Wade.

    Such good news. I’ve put on hold my decision between an R5 and an SLR01.
    Canyon offer a great range of builds. Will we see builds from all major groupsets available or like other brands do for Australia and just offer typical selection of shimano builds and you have to go the framset / custom build option if you want a different groupo.

    • Hi En Wade,

      Some different builds will be available. What were you after?

      Let me know and I may be able to provide with some info.



      • BRK

        I’ve put on hold my decision to get a Focus Izalco until Canyon arrive.
        I’d be keen to check out the ULTIMATE CF SLX 9.0.
        Curious to see how the pricing will compare. Will have to be at least a bit cheaper to make up for the fact I can’t just go down the road to my LBS for a test ride or any issues.

        • Hi BRK,

          Good decision!

          Pricing will definitely be competitive with the direct supply model. Also please consider these two things – we offer a 30 day test ride period. Not too sure if your LBS offers this? Additionally we will have a full service centre in Melbourne. Maybe not just around the corner for you but excellent local service direct from the brand who know the most about your new Canyon bike.

          Hope this helps with your decision.

          Let me know if you have any other questions.



          • BRK

            Thanks Darryl.
            Sounds like a great excuse for a cycling trip to Melbourne.

      • En Wade.

        Thanks for the reply Darrly. The “Canyon Ultimate CF SLX SL” , essentially a sram red 22 build on the ultimate slx frame is what I’m keen as on. I’d trigger it today if it was available. :-)

        • Will take your request on board for the 2016 lineup En Wade.

  • john

    hey darryl

    would u ever consider getting canyon into a bike shop? i own a couple and very interseted in getting them in..


    • Hi John,

      Apologies for the delay. Great to hear that you own a couple of Canyons.
      Not good news in relation to having them in your store though – Canyon will be a direct supply model here just like they are in Europe.



  • cycle g

    how do we get on for servicing in N Z been trying to get one but hard work so will wait to you start shipping to NZ

    • Hi Cycle G,

      We will be looking to work with select service points in NZ to help with any service requirements.

      Bikes will be available to order later in the calendar year.



      • cycle g

        I can see its going to be a long wait.

  • Michael Schuetze

    Hi Darryl, looks like a predominately Roadie crowd here (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) but I am dead keen on an XL Strive CF 8.0. Will you be bringing in the MTBs as well as the road bikes? If so, when is the earliest I could expect to be able to place an order on one of the above (which are currently sold out on the parent site). Have the money to spend now, so the sooner the better…Thanks….

    • Hi Michael,

      For sure we will have a solid range of the MTBs.

      Available to order later in the calendar year. Hope you can wait? I am riding a Spectral CF 9.0 EX and have to say that the wait will be worth it!!



  • jake

    Hi Darryl ….. Congrats on the new job. re. your mention of test shipment of 2 bikes, I don’t think that is really a big enough test/sample size, nor have you tested the shipment of a frameset……. So just to make sure you can ship me an XL AEROAD Frameset in the stealth colour scheme, let me know how much $$$. I really can’t wait until christmas time 118 days 8 hours & 24minutes is just too long…..

    Or else I may buy another brand….

    • Hi Jake,

      Like your style!!
      Hope the wait is not too uncomfortable……



  • Jonny F

    Hi Daryl, I’m literally just about to drop $6k on my first aero bike (2015 Giant Propel SL 1). Potentially open to waiting so I can order an Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 instead, lovely bike! Looked at shipping the bike to my family in the uk and then out here, it works out approx $8k. Any chance you have a clearer picture of local pricing you’ll be offering for that model?

    • Hi Johnny,

      We are still working on finalising the pricing. At this stage I feel pretty confident that the price will be somewhere close to the mid pint of the two options you mentioned.

      Sorry I cant be more accurate…



  • Deryck Walker

    Darryl can you give an idea when canyon aus will open official lines of communication to the aussie market, ie website etc. I understand this was a general announcement of intent, but can we get a rough idea when the ‘shop doors will open’?


    • Hi Deryck,

      Shop doors (website) should open late November / December.



      • Andrew Johnston

        Hi Darryl, would you please contact me on andrew@larcdistributors.co.za …. I am keen to understand the model between you and Canyon for the South African market. I have a few ideas that may work within your and Canyons direct to customer model. Cheers Andrew

  • John Bouwknegt

    Hi Darryl.
    With a buyer lined up for my 2.5yo Scott Foil Premium and the Tour of Margaret River only 9 weeks away, does your announcement of going on-line in Aus in late Nov/Dec prevent me from ordering direct from Canyon and racing the ToMR on an Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 SL?
    John B

  • Graham

    Hey Darryl
    I’m looking at getting an Aero CF SLX. Can you tell me what the differences if any between the 2015 & 2016 models. I’m looking at the 8.0 Di2.

  • purpletezza

    Is Canyon Australia up an running now? Australia is not listed on the Canyon website yet.

  • Josh

    Hello Darryl. What is the best way of contacting you? Thanks Josh.

  • Richie

    Hi Darryl,
    I was just wanting to ask if this is all still going ahead? I do hope so, as recently I’ve been trying to decide if I should have one sent somewhere, then go on a mission to pick it up, or…. Buy something else, that I only kinda want.
    Cheers man, good luck!

  • Leo Donnan

    Hi Daryl, hope the venture comes off as it would be wonderful to have Canyon support in Australia. I am currently in Europe for a few months and had a Ultimate Cf SLX 9.0 delivered to a friend. Process from Canyon was good but when a couple of stem bolts started to wear (packing and unpacking the bike) it took sometime for Canyon to come to grips that I was the owner and agree to send replacements. Having a local agency will take the anxiety about owning a Canyon out of the equation and I would think rapidly increase the presence of what are superb bikes in Australia
    Good luck and keep all of us posted about when you open for business



    Any more news on when we can order these bikes?

  • Peter Fisher

    Hi @darrylmoliere:disqus We are repairing a customers Speedmax. How can we get spare parts for the integrated braking system in Sydney? Part number needed is A1037637

  • Matty Samson

    Any updates on dates etc?

  • Pat

    Hey @darrylmoliere:disqus, Was wondering if you are still on track for a late November early December “opening”.
    Also do you have any plans for establishing a canyon team in Australia?

  • James Dodd

    Hi Daryl, Can I contact you directly? I am starting up a bike shop with a niche speciality and would like to have a personal discussion with you. My mobile is 0421021157 if you could call or text sometime soon. Regards James Dodd.

  • Dan Martin

    Hi Darryl
    what about NZ do you have an eta on when we can order?
    my bike needs replaced asap and I really want an Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 DI2

  • Mike Holmes

    Hi there. Looking forward to getting Canyon down in New Zealand – still on track for early 2016? That N+1 formula needs feeding…..

  • niall

    I bought an aeroad frameset last march and picked it up in Ireland in august, amazing bike really enjoying it, but I have a warranty issue, any chance I can contact canyon Aus instead of going through the UK or Germany?

  • Bridge Road Brewers

    As a Canyon Austria/Europe customer I can only advise all considering purchasing a bike from these guys to think again. First time my frame broke Canyon took 2 months to repair and return to Austria, after shipping to the wrong address (in another country) first. I was told it is standard practice 4 weeks waiting before repairs (any repairs, even faulty cracked frame) can be undertaken. If your local shop did this, you’d never go back.
    More recently i have ordered replacement bushings and bearings where generic fittings would not do. Almost three weeks and counting and they have only managed to compile a purchase order. I have been told a week ago that I need to wait for an invoice. I can only assume once i get the invoice and pay immediately there will be another week to compile parts and another week to ship to my Austrian address. Over a month for a few parts.
    FYI I purchase a Nerve AL Sl when i was in Austria in 2013. This was almost the highest end Aluminium X-country MTB they had on offer, not an entry level bike.
    I dont understand how they can consider the Australian market when they clearly have issues with their service in Europe. My assumption is they take the cream from initial sales and when service is required you go to the back of they line. They can’t be adequately reinvesting in support and service staff. They are hooked on the $, Rich guys gettin richer.
    I learned the hard way. Support your local bike shop and they’ll support you.

  • mawdsley

    Its almost the end of the year, and still no website live? any news on this or has it been forgotten ?

  • Will

    Any updates regarding this? Cheers

    • HamishF

      Just stumbled on AU pricing on the Canyon site…..

  • Daniel Moszkowicz

    Canyon has “8 reasons to buy from Canyon” and one of the biggest selling point’s is that through offering direct sales, they cut out the middlemen from the supply process and it keeps prices low for the customer. I think everyone understands that, however a closer inspection of this claim does not necessarily prove accurate with a comparison against BMC, for instance. Especially since the $200 shipping fee increases the retail price by nearly 10% on their entry level bikes, and where next a further 10% must be added by way of GST on an imported item over $1000 as taxable import as such a bike would be in all cases; and you can buy a similar BMC bike from a local bike shop here in Australia, where not only can you test ride the bike, but where you can keep your local Australian in a job.

    Yes, there is some latent confidence in considering buying a bike from Canyon, when considering that Canyon assemble the bike in Germany, primarily based on the idea that the Germans make quality products through advanced engineering techniques and beginning from a high or artisan-level education, however the frames are constructed from the same cheap and often inferior quality materials in the Far East manufacturing factories of China and Taiwan; which makes the idea of receiving the bike from Koblenz on the Rhine River, a weak claim in the bigger scheme of things. I mean, would an experienced local bike shop mechanic be incapable of assembling such a bike? Of course not.

    So, if Canyon truly wanted to pass on the savings to their customers here in Australia, they would just send a frame and the parts to the local bicycle shop of your choice, whereby they would save on shipping from the Far East (which is on Australia’s doorstep) to Germany and then shipping the assembled bike back to this neck of the woods, a fee which is passed onto the customer. That would not only account for the 10% GST, but knock off a significant portion of some shipping fees from just up the road, after all.

    Daniel Moszkowicz


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