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  • Derek Maher

    I guess Sagan and Cavendish are not great buddies in the sprints,As for thinking about bumping Andre Greipel I would guess that would be the same as trying to push a brick wall.

    • velocite

      In that sprint it looked as though Cavendish was thinking of passing Greipel on his left but couldn’t because Sagan wasn’t moving, in fact it looked like he was pushing Cav back behind Greipel. Just as well for Cav there was room to the right of Greipel.

  • Winky

    Cav switches to the new bike. And wins.

  • Ebruner

    Way to put down Sagan there Mark! At least you spoke well of Andre, he would kick you ass otherwise.

  • Conconi – The Original Master

    So Cav wants to ‘create’ a rivalry between himself and Sagan, and wants us to pick a side….

    I think he would come off second best.

    Side point: Nice to see Cav speak so glowingly of his lead-out post stage.

    Sure, when things go wrong he’s quick to point the finger. But when things go right, he does likewise.

    • Chris

      You have fun with your feud. Be sure and let us know how it’s going.

  • Whippet

    Cavendish had to dig deep to find a way to criticise Sagan. He has a lock on the white jersey; he will soon be wearing the green jersey; and it is possible that he might wear the yellow on the podium tonight. With that much talent, I guess I can understand why Cavendish is jealous.

    • Matt

      So how many stage wins does Cav have now?

      • Whippet

        What’s the relevance of stage wins? Cavendish had to come up with a counterfactual to criticise Sagan because he had done nothing wrong. Cavendish has been penalised for unsporting behaviour during sprints. Recall the peloton’s mini ‘strike’ to protest Cavendish taking Haussler out of the 2010 Tour de Suisse. Comments from other riders at the time stated that Cavendish didn’t respect other rider’s safety. It seems pretty rich for Cavendish to criticise Sagan for something that only happened in his imagination.

        • Michele

          Stage wins are the be all and end all … This is the TdF after all.

          But I do agree 100% with your comment about Cav stating what would have happened if that was Sagan.

          The ‘Boy’ certainly does say some daft things sometimes.

          Would be interesting to compare how many times Sagan has been relegated in a sprint compared to Cav. Also interesting to compare how many times Sagan has caused a crash in the closing metres of a sprint with Cav.

          • Whippet

            Besides the Tour de Suisse incident mentioned above, I remember Cavendish copping a penalty for an incident with Hushovd in a sprint in the Tour de France (2011?). I have not seen or heard of Sagan being penalised for a sprint incident. Don’t rely on my memory though, it’s shockingly poor!

            • Matt

              Agree with all that,Whippet,Cav is a muppet,albiet one also with not only talent but a proven record.

      • Michele

        Interestingly, whilst Cav applauded Andre for not boxing him in, saying he got a fair sprint, we too can play “hypotheticals” [which is really a ridiculous thing to do] and suggest what would’ve happened if Cav was in Andre position and vice versa?. Would Cav have blocked Andre?

        Think we can all do a ‘Cav’, use our imagination, and formulate an answer.

        • Whippet

          Or what might have been said if the Gorilla won.

          • Dave

            Very nasty things about Renshaw, I expect.

  • BradW

    I think Cavs point is Greipel rode extremely fairly and sporting, rather than having a dig at Sagan as such. He was just pointing out 2 different riding styles, both being legal ways to sprint.


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