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  • velocite

    Alberto has provided lots of drama this year. To commit to attempting the double after his Giro win was very gutsy, especially since he was in a bit of trouble near the end. And to see the rider with the best style in the peleton – IMHO – look very second hand during the tour was quite sad. And to see him throw in the odd attack when he apparently had little in reserve was fantastic, I thought. If next year is to be his last I look forward seeing him come back in great form next year.

    • Mike

      Your opinion is correct V, he is without doubt the smoothest, most fluid pedaller around today; the Seb Coe of cycling. Although his attempt at the double may have been gutsy, it was also foolish. If he had asked any ten of his contemporaries he would probably have got nine expressions of doubt. Standards are so universally high these days he was almost bound to come unstuck.
      But, despite his questionable history, I wish him well next year, especially if it is his last season.

  • Derek Maher

    Great rider,Wish him well for 2016.


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