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  • Jake(Aus)

    That Vittorio Brumotti video is out of this world!

    • De Mac

      Wild, crazy stuff!

    • velocite

      As someone who can’t do a decent bunny hop, I’d love to hear an in depth interview with Vittorio, or one of his ilk. Just what did it take to develop that much bike handling skill?

      • Andy B

        Practice and big balls I would guess.. not too big though as they may make riding seated uncomfortable

      • MH

        He’s ridden Bike Trials since the 90’s, so has been developing that skill over ~25 years.

        • Notso Swift

          And you should explain trials are quite a big thing

    • MadBlack

      Agreed! Only faux pas is that he ain’t riding a Specialized whilst in the Tinkoff Saxo kit.

  • Andy B

    Im curious if the Giant Alpecin guys actually use the shampoo?
    I note on the bottle it has a warning “Competitive athletes: Alpecin Caffeine can be detected in hair follicles.”.
    is this actually a concern for any athletes?
    Is caffeine banned by any sports?

    • Derek Maher

      Hi Andy,I think excessive use of caffeine is banned.Maybe by excessive they mean swigging a dozen red bulls or caffeine loaded gels on the last 10K ?.
      Alpecin sponsers Eurosport cycling coverage as well as the Team no doubt some sensitive PC person got at them over the Tour or a rival shampoo maker?.

  • Adam

    It seems they always announce a doping case in the week of the Tour? Is it for extra publicity or for a warning to other riders we will catch you… or perhaps it takes that long to get the announcement our from the giro.

    • Derek Maher

      Hi Adam,I guess the cycling world is hooked on doping stories and insist on a good quota of media coverage for each big race pre start.

    • Sean

      How else are race owners meant to promote this wonderful sport? head out of sand brah, it’s full natty.


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