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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
  • Simon

    That postman I suspect has issues other than barriers in his way. Happy people don’t cause problems.

    • Callum Dwyer

      Dude just trying to deliver peoples Wiggle orders. ;)

    • Dave

      For sure, if it’s for real. He is quite within his rights to be complaining that his employer has not coordinated with the race’s local organising committee, arranged an alternative route or given him a paid day off. And if he is carrying eighty kilos of post, he should also be angry that his employer has not issued him with a more suitable cargo bike.

      But I think it’s been staged – why on earth would a Dutch postie be complaining *in English* (and a High Scots accent at that) about being obstructed from doing his job when he’s in his own home city? Is there a source verifying it?

    • jules

      mind you I came close to doing this at a race recently, which was on closed roads. I arrived at the course in my car, to find barriers across the road.

      “can i come through?”
      “no, there’s a race on – closed roads”
      ” I know, I’m going to be in it”
      “you can’t come through”
      “OK – how do I get to the race?”

      eventually went to next closed road and the guy let me through. unbelievable.

    • chop

      Post on a Saturday anyway?

      • Sean

        You’re the only high level thinker here chop.

      • Do you have no post delivered on Saturdays?

        • Sean Doyle

          Haha. It’s lucky to get delivered during the week.

  • PAUL R

    because the post just keep coming!!!it just does not stop!!!Newman

    • jules


    • 900Aero

      Looks like Newman took advantage of the Rapha jersey downsize offer.

  • bikefreek

    I see Porte crossed the line in 67th. I guess thats the 2IC duties over for this year. Only one plan left for Sky, hopefully the cobbles are kinder this year, if Froome gets that far into stage 4 that is. Also, nice of Cavendish to throw his mate under a bus for soft pedalling to the line and letting the yelllow jersey slip through ETQ’s fingers. I bet the dinner table converstaion was cold last night. How tough is Adam Hansen?

    • jules

      i watched the replay of the sprint and on first viewing, it looked to me as though Cav was beaten to the line by Cancellara and only stopped pedalling the last couple of metres. I don’t think that constitutes giving up. although it’s funny how you can watch it again and change your mind :)

      • Sean

        Cav needs to practice his sprinting more, that was very much a school boy error. Dave told me cycling games are often the best way to gain an understanding of the judgement required to win a sprint like this. You would think at a minimum, he would have played this stage on cycling manager.

        All 4 were across the road, there was nothing in 1st to 4th.

      • My3Cents

        I agree that Cavendish gave it his all to the line but that does not excuse him throwing Renshaw under the bus in his interview. Can’t he just say I was not good enough instead of blaming everyone but himself. Personally I cannot stand the guy.

        • jiris

          The thing is that Renshaw really finished his lead out way too early, lefting Cavendish in a really bad position. It’s not that he wasn’t good enough, it’s just the fact that Cav, with 300m to go, was then the perfect lead-out for Greipel. It’s better to understand what has gone wrong than blame yourself just because you don’t want to put any responsability on your teammates. However, was going public with that statement was the right thing to do? Maybe not, but as Renshaw himself took the blame, I dont see any problem.

          • My3Cents

            Did Renshaw finish his lead out way too early or did Cavendish finish his sprint way to early??? Same argument. Can’t expect Renshaw to lead him out for 700m to 800m into a headwind to the 200m mark. If he was fair he should have gave it to his whole team BUT again not blame himself. The guy has no class.

            • Sean

              He would have got 10th or worse if he wasn’t on the worlds fastest bike ever built in the world. Imagine if he was riding a normal bike like a trek or a slow ridley.

          • Albert

            I thought the unwritten rule of sprint trains was that the captain always goes down with the ship. In other words, don’t throw your mate under the bus.

          • De Mac

            I reckon they did misjudge it – it was a long, straight finish with a lot of wind. BUT, Cavendish sounds like a spoilt little brat to carry on the way he did – particularly at the bloke who has led him out to a great percentage of his victories…..

      • Karl

        It looked like Renshaw gave all he could and peeled off when he had no more to give. Cav saw Greipel go past and didn’t ride it out and didn’t throw the bike at the line, Cancellara did. You couldn’t blame him for not knowing Cancellara was there (in the chaos of the sprint), but throwing your mate under the bus as a figleaf to your own failure is poor form.

  • Steel

    Can’t be unhappy with the fireworks so far. Stage 1, Roh Dennis takes the yellow jersey. Stage 2 gets ripped to shreds by cross winds creating time gaps everywhere. Froome and Contador would not have expected time gaps on Nibbles and Quintana on a stage like last night’s.

    Cancellara the crafty old pro takes the yellow on bonus seconds after outsprinting Cavendish. Fair effort from one of my favourite riders.

    I’m looking forward to a few of the Aussies to stepping up tonight. OGE will go with a 1-2 combo punch of Gerrans and Matthews I’m guessing.

  • Michele

    Amazing lead out work by Trek and Tinkoff to help Fabian and Sagan pick up the minor places.

    Feel for Cav: if he’s going to tweet a screen grab to make a point, he should’ve at least ensured it showed him throwing his bike, and not [appearing] to be looking on like a spectator.

    Still, I’m not sure why Cav is so upset. Should be looking at the positives … He’s miles in front of where he was this time last year.

  • SantoMoreno

    It is interesting that while Cav’s handlebar is wing-shaped, Sagan’s appears to have a flat top. I assume they are both aboard the latest incarnation of the Venge and thought the “funny-looking” handlebar was par of the integrated package. Any word on that?

    • Tricky Dicky

      Sagan hasn’t fallen for marketing bullshit and is happy with last year’s model.

      • SantoMoreno

        I see, thanks! Odd that Spec did not “insist” on Sagan riding their latest, though.


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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017