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  • Whippet

    The Velon video demonstrates the value of cameras on bikes. It shows the only footage I’ve seen of the second crash that led to the race being neutralised. It also makes me feel more intimately involved in the race.

    • Simon

      Makes me realise once again how friggin dangerous cycle racing can be. No leathers, a bit of plastic on your noggin and an 80km/hr slide down the road can equal career ending drama! Gladiators of the road indeed. Get well soon guys.

  • Andy B

    haha that slow motion crash.. desperate for a bottle

    • Sean

      Ha thats a ripper. I wouldn’t dive on to a road for a dirty bottle some man I don’t know has been using.

    • Dave

      Incorrectly labelled though as the first stage of the Tour was an individual time trial. It would have been perhaps the second stage or a completely different race, a bit like the picture of Mont Cenis that CT keeps captioning as the Col du Galibier.

      • you see rotterdam on the images, so it’s the ‘first stage’ after the prologue/time trial. So technically: correct.

        • Dave

          CT have not even got it technically correct, the ITT was Stage 1 and not a prologue.

          • Gavin Adkins

            Who cares? It’s a video of a guy falling over!

      • you see rotterdam on the images, so it’s the ‘first stage’ after the prologue/time trial. So technically: correct.

    • CC

      He is AWESOME !!! the commitment, that last reach – Hilarious

  • Frustrated

    “It occurred when the rear wheel of Paris-Roubaix winner John Degenkolb (Giant-Alpecin)’s bike clashed with the front wheel of William Bonnet (FDJ), bringing the latter down hard”
    Degenkolb chopped Bonnet’s front wheel and is responsible for the crash, I am really disappointed this hasn’t been reported on stronger or Degenkolb held more accountable for his actions. His carelessness has caused serious injuries and your reporting glosses over the truth to protect him. I’ve come to expect more from this site but reporting like this just makes me feel really let down

    • Dave

      Sorry, but that’s Bonnet’s fault for being too asleep to protect his front wheel.

    • Michele

      That is an absurd claim.

      I not dissolving Degenkolb of any blame. I’m still making my mind up on this.

      But to suggest that CT are trying to protect him by glossing over the facts is real tin foil hat stuff.

    • Gavin Adkins

      It’s plain factual reporting. Build a bridge.

    • Jake(Aus)

      Bit harsh to turn that into having a go at CT mate, they just said there was a clash which is true.

  • 900Aero

    Those vids show how full-tilt racing is. Thanks for sharing.

  • Derek Maher

    Degenkolb was asked by Greg Lemond on eurosport about the crash.John just said something happened behind him and he was sorry to hear about all the injuries plus he lost a team mate.Mark you a slight touch of tyres at speed is all thats needed for a pile up to occur.

    • Dave

      Not JD’s fault the bloke behind wasn’t protecting his front wheel.

      • Whippet

        Where is the evidence to support either of these claims? I haven’t seen a video that shows clearly that anyone was at fault.


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