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  • eric

    Sagan’s left leg tho

    • one hell of a bike throw!

      • Ralph

        How quick was he at the end! Wow.. if only he’d started a little earlier. I think he has a stage win in him tonight or tomorrow.

        • Dave

          Or possibly Saturday on the Mur de Bretagne.

    • TimHally

      His kneecap looks like a smiley face :)

    • Nitro

      Astonishing finishing speed. Shame the finish line wasn’t 5m up the road… When you’re closing in on Greipel like he’s going backwards you know you’re motoring…

  • Dave

    The undisputed highlight of last night’s viewing:


  • Arfy

    Gotta love TDF marketing. Neither Stages nor Sky are talking about it, but they do manage to give you Froome’s bike to shoot the segment.

    And while I’m in a cynical mood, Cav’s new aero Venge II looked decidedly slower than fast-finishing Sagan’s old bike.

    • Tim Ashton

      Cav on old Venge frame too.

      Wonder why they are using old ones? Is it possible that UCI or something have said they dont comply to regulations? Genuinely intrigued to know….

      • Arfy

        I thought it was the new one from the pic, with the winged bars? Or is he using the new bars with an old frame?

        • Tim Ashton

          Na its the old frame apparently. I read something on it the other day, he is using a ‘Vision’ branded aero bar and stem set up with the old frame. The other give away is it is the white and green ‘CVNDSH’ colour scheme from the bike he was using earlier in the season. And the conventional DA brakes on the front instead of the aero ones behind the forks on the new venge.

          Clearly i have been over analysing the finish picture….

        • Dave

          Certainly the old frame, and the handlebar setup doesn’t look as ‘flat’ as the ViAS winged bars.

      • Dave

        My guess is that the UCI have ruled that the front brakes are taking the mickey and need to be replaced with non-fairing versions.

        • James Fifield

          Given that the frameset is approved on the UCI website I think everything is legal. I wouldn’t put it past the UCI to issue a “clarification” however!

      • I heard he does not like the brakes on the new Venge. Will not use it when it is wet or in the mountains.

      • Rosco

        Probably just want brakes that work.

      • Warwick

        May possibly have to do with FSA being a team sponsor? If the riders use the new Venge Vias with integrated stem and “riser bar” then there wouldn’t be any sponsored product from FSA on their bikes, and FSA might have a problem with that.

    • Dave

      No, Cav was just slow because of that useless leadout train he told the whole world about on Sunday night.

      • MattHurst

        Karma’s a bitch heh cav :)

        • Dave

          And it’s a contract year for Cav too. Finishing behind Greipel would be lightening his wallet by a good €50k or so every time, and finishing behind Sagan could well cost him his job if Lefevre and Tinkov can negotiate (oh my goodness that would be an interesting meeting!) a mutually agreeable deal to get Sagan released from a team where the boss doesn’t want him.

  • jules

    sponsors would be stoked with Victor De La Parte’s win there – whoever they are ;)

    • Dave

      My first though was that he is riding for Garmin-Cannondale, as his heart rate monitor and bike are both visible.

      But he’s winning a race, so that can’t be right.

  • diet

    Sagan looks to have bulked up abit in that final sprint shot….could be the tv adding a few pounds

    • Dave

      Muscling up seems to have worked for him, he pulled Cav’s pants down and would have taken Greipel too if he timed his sprint just a little better.

  • Paolo

    Sagan is pure class. Fully committed to be Contadors buddy, sprints around all on his own and has lots of fun while doing all of this.

    • sli1

      Its pretty funny listening to journalists ask Cav about his lead-out train, did it work well, were there problems etc. Sagan doesn’t get asked this stuff because there is no train! The team relieves him of his Contador protecting duties in the last 5 kms and as Dave said, he basically pulls Cav’s pants down. Sagan hasn’t got the timing right as yet (its probably harder with no lead-out) but he is clearly generating more speed than Cav. Greipel has his timing dialied and Sagan is generating huge speed but missing the timing. For Cav to win it would require both Greipel and Sagan to make mistakes in the same race, and even then Kristoff might come good to spoil the party. I’m happy to be proved wrong but I’m struggling to see Cav win a stage with the form of the big guys.

      • sli1

        Its also a shame that Bouhani limped into the tour and then had to abandon. Would have liked to have seen how he went.

      • Dave

        Don’t forget that Sagan is still a U25 rider. He still has plenty of time hone his skills and race awareness.

        Cav, on the other hand, has no excuse.

  • Paolo

    Sagan is pure class. Fully committed to be Contadors buddy, sprints around all on his own and has lots of fun while doing all of this.

  • De Mac

    Stages has to do something – I’m yet to meet a rider who hasn’t had at least one changeover and/or a couple of battery doors – it seems that reliability has been a bit of an issue…

    • sli1

      both a changeover & battery doors plus running it without the o-ring but with tape wrapped around it to keep the water out.

    • Dave

      This sounds like classic first generation issues which in the good old days would have been sorted out while it was still in pre-production. But these days it seems the trend is for tech companies to use paying customers as unsuspecting beta testers.


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