• Andy B

    who is Fish

  • Arfy

    Is Martin confirmed as out of the Tour? Others report he wants to see if he can start Stage 7.

    • Holby City

      Definitely out.

    • Sean Doyle

      Apparently an open fracture so won’t be starting.

  • 900Aero

    A note of pedantry on the image of the teams lined up – don’t know if I’d call them lead-out trains. They weren’t sprinting, its the GC and MJ teams riding a-bloc (is that how you spell it?) to keep everything calm, control the pace and minimise chaos isn’t it? They did it for a long time, too long to be a lead-out.

    Sad news for Tony Martin.

    • treberden

      à bloc !

  • Albert

    No reportage on Jonathan Tiernan-Locke? (It’s not really related to cycling…)

    • CapeHorn

      Something new after yesterday’s news of his drink driving?

  • Neuron1

    A question for the moderators. Since it is against the rules for one rider to push another, could Tony Martin or the Etixx riders have been penalized if the injury had not been race ending for Martin? Really too bad to have him go out this way.

    • Dave

      Even if Martin was not a confirmed withdrawal, I doubt the commissaires would have seen fit to do anything about it.

      But if they were doing it up a proper hill to keep him in contact with the front group, yeah that would be worthy of a penalty.

    • mouse

      Martin crossed wheels with the rider in front as he’d indicated that the pace suddenly came off.
      He was switching right when that happened and overbalanced into the other rider.
      More of a “shit happens” incident than anything…

    • Michele

      Since Martin crashed in the final 3 kms of the stage, you scenario is not applicable. As soon as Martin lost time because of the crash, no penalties for pushing would apply.

      His stage was effectively over as soon as he crashed and he is given the same time as the bunch he was in before the crash.

      * Provided of course he crosses the finish line; be that by riding by himself, getting pushed or even walking across it.

      • Neuron1

        I was asking the moderators since they seem to have a great deal of experience and authority in this area. Since a rider must cross the line under his own power and since Martin may not have been able to climb the hill without assistance it would change the leader of the race to Chris Froome and Sky. This would result in a change of team strategy for the next stage of the race. The yellow jersey would have gone to Froome and Sky would likely have to defend. I looked up the UCI regulations (11.2.2) and they state that in a stage race there is a 10 second penalty for each instance of a teammate pushing another and DQ for riders on different teams to push each other (11.3.2). There is no section that states within the 3 km line there are no penalties assessed. The entire dynamic of the race could have changed based on that decision. Thus the original question.

        • Dave

          None of the CyclingTips staff have ever been accredited commissaires, to my knowledge. I’ve been a cricket umpire though ;-)

          I don’t think the dynamic of the race changes, everyone else (including the Sky riders and sporting directors) would have known that Froome was the effective leader even though he was officially the second-placed rider. The team of the race leader is not obliged to defend it (Sky didn’t on stage four when they soft pedalled to the finish and let Martin stay away) if they choose not to.

          The reverse applies also – teams can work on the front even if they don’t hold the race lead. if Martin wasn’t injured on Thursday and lined up last night still in the race lead, Sky would not have waited for Etixx to defend the race lead if someone such as Nairo Quintana had gone on the attack to take time from Froome.

          “There is no section that states within the 3 km line there are no penalties assessed.”
          But neither is there any rule which says the commissaires MUST apply a penalty for any infraction of any kind. They have the discretion to choose whether they do nothing, issue an official warning or apply the penalty.

          When an incident is a mere triviality and doesn’t change anything, it’s entirely normal for the commissaires to not bother doing anything about it. This is why Richie Porte was penalised for accepting major assistance from another team at the Giro d’Italia when it was not clear if he would have gotten back onto the lead group without it, but the commissaires would probably ignore such an offence if it happened in the grupetto on a mountain stage.

      • Dave

        Not necessarily – he would have been given the same time even if he was unable to finish.

        The 3km rule doesn’t apply tonight though, it has officially been designated a summit finish for the purpose of rule 2.6.027 (the 3km rule).

  • Neuron1

    A question for the moderators. Since it is against the rules for one rider to push another, could Tony Martin or the Etixx riders have been penalized if the injury had not been race ending for Martin? Really too bad to have him go out this way.

  • Gavin Adkins

    Probably a moot point, but Froome should follow tradition and not wear yellow on stage 7. I remember when LeMond did not wear yellow in 1991 the day after Sorensen broke his collarbone in the finale. I was 9 years old and I still remember that display of sportsmanship vividly. Some traditions ought to be retained.

    • Dave

      There’s a tactical advantage for Sky in him not wearing it as well – it’s an extra day without them visibly having the responsibility of leading the race.

      Even refusing to chase so a breakaway rider gets the race lead could be a good strategic option for Sky to preserve their guys for later in the race.

    • Michele

      No problem with that. As long as SKY also don’t accept the prize money awarded to the Yellow Jersey wearer for the day; a miserly 350 euros :)

      • Dave

        When your team is owned by Rupert Murdoch (when was the last time he saw such a small amount of money?) you can probably afford that, but Cannondale-Garmin (owned by Jonathan Vaughters) would probably have taken it right to the Court of Arbitration for Sport if it was denied.

        Pedantry alert: it would depend on whether the daily prize for the “holder” of the jersey is for who won it the previous day or who is physically wearing it.

  • CC

    CT – Curious about Dimension Data partnership with TDF – any clues, do you know if we will see anything this year?

    • Dave

      The GPS trackers underneath the seat of the race bikes are new from DD. If you’ve seen the head-to-head speed readouts on screen going up the climbs, this is where that data comes from.

      • CC

        Thanks Dave, I’ve seen a few articles and noticed this, but DD promises more and wondering if there is any inside gossip :)

  • Abdu

    I seem to recall Lance Armstrong wearing yellow happily after the incumbent crashed out, but maybe that is just a confected memory…?
    What was Nibali’s problem with Froome? Froome was ahead and did nothing, certainly nothing to apologise about.

    • Neuron1

      Froome came up on Nibali’s right from behind. Both apparently thought the other was at fault which was cleared up after they watched a replay. At least thats what I read on CN. Absolutely no coverage of it on the post race shows this evening. Hopefully something tomorrow.

    • Michele

      Re: LA, are you referring to 2005?

      Dave Z, in Yellow crashed out in the closing Km of the TTT whilst racing for CSC. He didn’t finish the stage, so LA was to start the next day in Yellow.

      LA didn’t want to wear Yellow, in honour of his fallen ex-doping ex-team mate.

      LeBlanc told him if he didn’t put the Maillot Jaune on he would be kicked out of the race so he reluctantly put it on.

      Must be noted that this scenario is completely different to DZ. Martin finished the stage and was in Yellow ‘overnight’. DZ didn’t and LA was in yellow that night.

      So maybe confected memory :)

    • 900Aero

      I think you’re referring to when Zabriskie crashed out in the TTT and Armstrong took the lead. Apparently he didn’t want to wear it but risked being excluded from the race (different rules to the Merckx era) and so had to comply. Of course, given his other indiscretions its easy to imagine that he just took it out without a thought but what I’ve read says otherwise.

      Apparently the RD didn’t offer the jersey to Froome for todays stage – saved him the trouble of refusing it

      • Dave

        “Apparently the RD didn’t offer the jersey to Froome for todays stage – saved him the trouble of refusing it.”

        Quite correctly. Martin’s position would not have been officially vacated until the end of last night’s stage when Froome took the lead.

  • Neil_Robinson

    now THAT is investigative journalism at its finest!

  • Michael Sproul

    Any videos of Nibali launching a bidon at Froome yet? Noted it was Froome that went to the Astana bus…


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