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  • Arfy

    Things you won’t hear from Katusha. “When we advertised for a team cook, we meant a chef.”

    • Dave

      “We thought elite cyclists would already know about the dangers of white lines.”

      • James

        It should be just his first strike like in footy.

        • Dave

          Err, no. Even in footy there are no ‘strikes’ for in-competition cocaine use, a positive is a positive.

          The cycling policy on recreational drugs (e.g. cocaine outside of competition) is “go for it” – remember Tom Boonen and how he got away with just a couple of embarrassing headlines?

  • sli1

    At what time in the video is the crash?

    • Sean

      I watched it just now and it was 11:51am when I saw the crash.

      • Dave

        I waited 30 minutes after your post to watch it and it still took place at 11:51am!

      • Dave

        I waited 30 minutes after your post to watch it and it still took place at 11:51am!

  • Dave

    A slight factual error on the CEGORR story – only UCI Oceania Tour points are up for grabs, not UCI WorldTour points. WorldTeams aren’t interested in Oceania points, they will still need to be enticed to compete in other ways such as appearance fees.

    This year was supposed to see the introduction of a fully integrated world ranking system which would award all UCI races with different amounts of points for the same system (primarily to resolve the problem of Pro Conti riders not getting the points they deserve whenever they beat WorldTeam riders in WorldTour events) but it was indefinitely deferred following objections from some WorldTeams – thought to be led by Jonathan Vaughters. I presume this was over concerns that the lack of other measures to professionalise the WorldTour and level the playing field (e.g. capping salaries and/or total expenditure) would allow poor performing WorldTeams to be ranked below teams in other divisions.

    • Thanks for that clarification. Agreed that WorldTour points aren’t up for grabs, just UCI points (and more of them)

      • Dave

        Oceania points aren’t of interest to any teams outside of Aus-NZ though, for a WorldTeam or a Pro Conti team from overseas they don’t count for anything and the HC ranking won’t figure into any incentive for teams to enter.

        From memory, the only Continental teams allowed to enter a HC race are those from the host country so the NZ teams Avanti and CCT won’t be able to enter. With that in mind, the Australian teams will surely race hard as there’s a chance to get a sneaky boost in the Oceania rankings where the biggest prize is an invite to the World Team Time Trial Championship!

        I suspect that it signals a change in Vic government policy, with the Herald-Sun stage race to lose its public funding and become a NRS race.

  • BRK

    Noooo!! Not Norton Summit Road as well :(
    I love that ride. Norton Summit Road and other great rides nearby are part of the reason my mates and I are going back to Adelaide for a holiday.

    • Papuass

      Probably there is a market for tubless road tires in Australia.

  • tertius_decimus

    First photograph is the cutest shot I’ve seen in few months.


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