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  • Neil_Robinson

    oh man, the voiceover on that speed up / slow down vid are distractingly overwrought.

    the idea is spot on with the jaguar why we ride piece though.

    • Andy B

      Felt like a transformers trailer

      • david__g

        We’ll he does keep alternating between tights on and tights off at the beginning of his ride. Almost like a transformer.

    • Does anyone recognise the man in the Speed Up Slow Down Film? It’s Alain Rumpf (the former president of the Global Cycling Promotion of the UCI).

      • Neil_Robinson

        i did not, did you recognise him, or just know from the credits?

        if it’s the former, i’ve got to say i’m impressed.

  • Dave

    It’s understandable that Cannondale-Garmin would be chasing a rider of the calibre of Wouter Wippert, their squad of 27 riders has contested 17 WorldTour events this year and picked up exactly the same number of WorldTour victories as Wippert managed from just one WorldTour stage race.

    I hope for his sake that he doesn’t go there, that’s where cycling careers go to die.

    • Daniel

      Former Cannondale/Garmin riders whose careers have been killed dead:

      – Peter Sagan;
      – Dan Martin;
      – Ryder Hesjedal;
      – Vincenzo Nibali;
      – Andrew Talansky;
      – Moreno Moser;
      – Ivan Basso.

      and so on and so forth, you get my point. They’ve had a shoddy season so far but let’s not go overboard here…

      • Dave

        I was thinking more of the Slipstream (ex-Garmin) side which runs the current team than the former Liquigas-Cannondale setup which was wound up at the end of last year.

        Lachlan Morton – paying for a ride in the US domestic ranks
        Tyler Farrar – reduced to paying for a ride with a team with the naming rights given over to a charity
        Dan Martin and Andrew Talansky – most often seen crashing (dosed up on Tramadol?) than doing anything useful
        Rowan Dennis – begged for an early release to leave the team
        Steele von Hoff – back to Continental level
        Henrich Haussler – lost his way and had to come back with a new up and coming Pro Conti team

        It’s a great team to go for older blokes in the sunset years of their career who just want to cruise around but aren’t quite ready to switch to making appearances at Gran Fondos, but not so good for a young rider who still needs development work.

  • Arfy

    A perfectly timed dive and gets a glove on it. Move over Haddin, our bidon-diving spectator is in form and threatening your place in the 2nd Test.

    • Daniel

      Still be more of an asset to the Aussie team than Shane Watson…

  • Simon

    When Matthews was found to have two broken ribs I winced as I’ve had the same thing and thought that’s it, he’ll pullout. But he didn’t and I’m wondering why. He won’t heal as well by continuing to ride in the most stressful environment possible for a pro, won’t win anything and can’t do much, if any work for others. Then last night Scott McGrory on the SBS Review show said the same thing that he should pull out, recover, get fit again and concentrate on other races including the worlds. What gives?


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