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  • Sean

    420 watts FTP at ~65kg and dropped like a bag of bricks today – This about sums up the tour de farce.

    I really enjoyed the Giro and classics.

    • Just ride

      I don’t have cycling heroes anymore. Too easy to be let down later on.

      • Karl

        jules is mine. I’m mostly confident he won’t let me down ;-)

        • jules

          i’m too slow to be caught doping Karl ;)

      • jules

        commitment issues ;)

      • Sean

        I can be your cycling hero, baby.

        I can kiss away the pain, oh, yeah.

        I will stand by you forever.

        You can take my breath away.

        • Dave

          Sean, are you TrollDJ by night?

  • JCJordan

    I think we are seeing the effects on Contador of a hard Giro. It does not matter what his FTP result is when he was fresh, tired is tired, and you cant be expected to do as well.

    • Arfy

      I wonder if he’s feeling the effects of a hard first week, and may take a couple of days to get the climbing legs back. I’d expect the Giro effects to kick in more during the final week, but maybe the Giro plus a hard first week had him on the ropes.
      But what’s Nibali’s excuse? He lost touch early on, at least Contador was in the select climbing group for a while. Looks hopeful for Aru to do the Tour next year.

    • Dave

      I think we are also seeing that now Team Sky has conquered the formulaic and predictable Tour de France, their Final Frontier will be to put in a full strength assault on the Giro d’Italia.

  • MikeP

    I’m no Froome fanboi but….

    FTP doesn’t show how quickly you recover from efforts above FTP. Pushed to 130% FTP for 30 sec repeatedly will break some people faster than others. Also, lets also not forget the Contador just rode the Giro so he isn’t exactly fresh.

  • jules

    I don’t buy the Contador FTP card left on display thing. they would guard that info more closely I reckon. this seems like a joke played on us by TS. or maybe it’s real. who can tell?

    • It’s a good question. I’ve heard before that Contador is extremely protective of data like this, and people who know have told me that his power numbers aren’t that impressive (before you take his weight into consideration).

      • jules

        my power numbers also look OK next to some of the NRS guys with KOMs on Strava. until you factor in weight difference :)

        • Tim Ashton

          His mid range zone 2 is my http://FTP….and im much heavier haha

          • jules

            same here!

      • Dave

        This is probably the reason that he changed bikes mid-stage to one not fitted with the telemetry transmitter.

    • josh

      The card looks to be a warm up routine, not data from the stage.
      Does it mean much then?

      • jules

        it’s got his FTP on it. that’s what’s relevant

        • Dave

          Assuming it’s for real, of course.

          It could just be a modern interpretation of the old track sprinter’s trick of leaving a bike on display where other competitors can see it, then rolling out on another bike with a different gear ratio.

  • Bex

    How about Verbruggens response this morning. It was a lot more measured and well put together than I was expecting; but then it was probably drafted by one of his lawyers. He sounds like quite the good guy by the end.

    • Arfy

      The lawyers are either quite illiterate, or quite smart. If you use an undefined word such as “agressivity” then I guess the meaning of the sentence is hard to prove in a court of law.

  • horse scarer

    Hein Verbose. Time to let it go….
    I’m more worried about the cover photo and the rider that spooked those horses when he stopped for a leak! Was his equipment UCI compliant?

    • Karl

      Champagne comedy LOL

  • Stephen Danks

    As to Ross Tucker’s comments above, 6 years ago…blah blah blah.

    “I can’t stress enough – today’s mountain finish, and the estimated 6.1 W/kg produced by Froome for 41 minutes (even though the attack only really came in the second half) is not an isolated reason for skepticism about cycling”

    Sorry but didn’t he just contradict himself? So is he claiming 6.1 W/kg for 41 mins, or is that just for bursts near the end as he’s , or is that an estimate, and by who?

    Froome not a star in SA? That’s not scientific more anecdotal. In Australia, Gerrans and Porte weren’t stars either, neither got scholarships to Aus Institute of Sport, got themselves to Europe and got picked up, so there’s that “argument” by him gone.

    Stick to arguing on the science Ross.

    I’m not of the view that cycling is clean, and had a positive view on this guy, but now seems to be the time when the pseudo science crackpots all come out from under their tin foil hats. I hope he isn’t one of them.

  • John_Irvine

    Someone needs to start filming a Merckx bio-pic, and cast Robert Power. He’s a dead ringer for Merckx ca ’68 or so.

  • Derek Maher

    Pro racing is a hard entertaining spectacle.Long distances,Mighty climbs and extreme speeds.In the past riders raced on steel bikes and high gears with only a 6-7 gear cassette over the same courses.Little wonder the odd stimulent was needed to keep them going.These days the bikes are light with a huge range of gears,Beter tyres and wheels,Electronic gear shifters etc,However the public want to see close high speed battles fought out so the use of a little booster is not to be unexpected.If the powers that be want ultra dope free racing.Then they had better change the race routes and distances and add an extra hour or two to the finish times.Of course the public and media will quickly tire of viewing these mundane short flat races and move on.
    Sponsership will decend to the level of junior racing.


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