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  • Kieran Degan

    That Della Valle D’Aosta podium shot is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

    Bravo to Matthews, incredible work to get this far, hopefully tonight is the night. And Kudos to Weening. That guy is a machine. Whether its a mountain finish or a sprint he works his arse off to get his man to the front. Last night he single handedly bought Bling to the front when every other team had a train.

    • Andy B

      Dogs on the podium = awesome

      • Gavin Adkins

        There is so much awesome happening on that podium.

    • TV Time Tommy

      Are those podium kids wearing some sort of codpiece?

  • jules

    Jalabert really disgraced himself there. what a massive tool.

    • martin

      It’s astounding really. To take that tone in a live broadcast then deny it so soon afterwards is quite amazing. I wonder if the French riders were doing a bit better overall the tone from the French media would be somewhat more positive.

    • Gavin Adkins

      I remember reading a profile on Jalabert back in the 90s and it said something along the lines of, even though he is/was arguably one of the greats of his time, he probably wouldn’t be much of a dinner guest. Looks like that was bang on the banana.

  • Simon

    Good article from the Guardian. As I reflect on over 50 years on the bike I agree with the comparison to attitudes to minority ethnic groups etc in the 60s and 70s. Also it’s not war when the statistics about the number of cyclists vs cars using the road and the weights of their conveyances are compared. Every day most cyclists will have a close encounter with some “aggrieved” road user in a vehicle. Still we all ride for various reasons but for me the simple fact of harmless physical exercise on the most efficient machine devised is still a joy and wonder.

    • jules

      there is a clear pattern with this type of prejudice. one of the factors is always to make the target of prejudice seem like much more of a threat than they are. instead of being highly vulnerable riders whose lives are at the mercy of drivers every moment they take to the road, cyclists are instead scofflaw rule breakers – giving the finger to motorists and practically begging to be run down.

      it’s the same with other similar targets like refugees. whatever your political view on the topic (and that’s not the point here), you can observe anti-refugee advocates portraying refugees not as desperate people risking their lives on the seas, but as aggressors who are threatening vulnerable australian’s way of life. this legitimises attacks on them – the same as portraying cyclists as law breaking cowboys.

      my old man emigrated with europeans in the 50s – back then people used to spread the rumour europeans all carried knives. my dad – at 9 yrs of age – was searched at school by a teacher who took a fellow child’s claim that he had a knife at face value. we haven’t moved that far ahead..

  • James G

    Looks like Jack Haig was central to Robbie defending the jersey. However, it also looks like he lost it for a day when the Russian won, only to take it back the following day….and if the podium shot isn’t good enough, get a load of the trophy. Straight to the pool room.

  • Douglas

    Typo in heading to section about Amy Gillet.

    • Dave

      ^ And in your comment too.

  • Jessy Vee

    I’m looking forward to watch Robert Power over the course of his career. He’s an exciting talent.


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