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  • jules

    in all of the hysteria and paranoia about Froome’s performances, I reckon it’s a good sign when an Audax guy can mix it up with them.

    • velocite

      What have I missed, Jules? What ‘Audax guy’?

      • jules

        Simon Geschke

  • Kieran Degan

    Wow, that infographic is great. Crazy to see how much that stage shook up the GC.

    • Dave

      I’ve seen the format used with time gap (rather than placing) for motor races before, this would be even more interesting although it would have to be interactive instead of a flat graphic.

  • Paolo

    Signing Landa won’t help Sky to calm down all the suspicious questions they get asked. I don’t really understand that signing from Sky.

    • Dave

      Nobody who genuinely knows what they are on about will rank Landa on the same level of suspicion as Aru or Froome, Landa is a specialist climber who has been developing at the expected rate for a specialist climber. His laughable performance in the individual time trial (which lost him the Giro) certainly went a long way towards that.

      If he goes to Sky next year and suddenly discovers he can time trial, that will place all the suspicion on Sky and not on Landa.

      • Paolo

        “developing at the expected rate for a specialist climber”, what is that rate? To go from “front-midfield for 4 years” to “top ten” to ” no breathing on the Mortirolo” to “smash Contador on the Finestre” in 3 months? At least Aru was arguably the best climber in the U23 ranks (however he did that) and he’s probably the one that developed as expected.

  • Richard

    What happened to the Cycling Tips Marketplace?

    • Bex

      Shop tag in the header link.

    • Unfortunately we’re decommissioning our Marketplace. All the local Facebook marketplaces are killing it and we’re not in a position to try to compete. It takes us time and money to maintain and since it’s not a core part of what we do, it’s going to be put to rest.

  • Dave

    Quote of the night from the SBS broadcast of stage 17 has to go to Dave McKenzie:

    “You can’t estimate, underestimate or overestimate …” – I think he went on to talk about Chris Froome, but I can’t be sure as I was too distracted by this astonishingly comprehensive effort at covering all bases.

    Three votes for that should have him taking clear ownership of fourth place for the SBS Best and Fairest, but still well behind Robbie, TrollDJ and Keeno.

  • jules

    another emerging story out of last night’s stage is that Sky called Porte back from a potential stage winning position to help Froome. Porte not happy.. a few UCI points not heading off with him to his new team.

    • Interesting!

      • Dave

        But irrelevant, as I doubt he’ll be going to the 17th ranked WorldTour team (IAM Cycling). Every team with which he has been linked is safely inside the top 16 and therefore able to get their renewal based on their 2015 ranking.

        Even if he did go to IAM Cycling, the Sporting Value would only come into play if at least two other teams apply to enter the WorldTour so there are three teams vying for the last two places behind the top 16.


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