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  • Marcus

    The problem, I think, with the stop being a wanker campaign is that no one believes they are the wanker. Great video and probably the best bit of journalism I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Bex

      Warnie a case in point; it’s always someone else, their attitude, their actions. We need a tolerance campaign where all road users just need to chill out, and realise that getting to the back of the car in front quicker won’t get them to the destination quicker.

    • Dave

      This is even worse when it applies to whole groups and not just individuals.

      There was a case of this recently on the Adelaide Cyclists forum. The Norton Summit Residents Association had officially condemned the tacks and oil on Norton Summit Road and issued a bulletin asking or their members to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour – a positive step by any measure.
      I posted a response reminding AC members to make a special effort not to retain that goodwill by taking their rubbish with them, keeping voices down when riding there outside of sociable hours and refraining from making obscene gestures to drivers. This reasonable suggestion did not go down well with some of the hardcore roadies there, they fully deserve everything they get.

  • Aaron McNany

    “Stop Being a Wanker”–I hope it never gets like this in America! While I often think of Australia as some sort of cycling paradise, it just seems like the country has so many ‘anti-cyclists’.

    • Marcus

      To be fair, I don’t think it does. The majority of drivers I encounter are fine, it’s just the minority as is the case with most things. To a greater extend I feel the irresponsible reporting by main stream media is the biggest contributing factor.

      • Aaron McNany

        Alright I see what you’re saying and that resonates with me. Actually in America I feel we need MORE coverage of this. It’s insane the amount ‘notionalism’ (as I call it) that drivers posses–they have the ‘notion’ that cyclists should be riding on the sidewalk, or against traffic, or that they shouldn’t be on the roads. When in reality cyclists have complete legal right to be using the rode just as a car would. I often will (politely) confront vehicles and most of the time they are either surprised by this or simply won’t believe it at all. Would that cities make it more widely known that you must give cyclists 3 feet, or 1 meter, or 5 feet, or whatever the law is there!

        • Sean Doyle

          This comes back to the fact that the average motorist has not been educated enough about proper use and attitude needed on the roads. They say it’s a privileged to have a drivers licence, well then make it bloody hard to get AND keep.

    • Abdu

      According to the tabloid media, it’s “WAR ON THE ROADS!”

      • Marcus

        Therein lies the problem…

      • Dave

        Not just the tabloid media, but even one of the major sponsors of both the Tour de France and the Tour’s broadcast on SBS.


      • dsd74

        Don’t worry about tabloid media coverage… once Apple comes out with the new iPhone or Watch, all media will get distracted by it and drop the whole cyclist vs car coverage! :)

    • dcaspira

      Younger countries, life tends to be a rush, whereas elders not. Riding in Italy is a dream.

  • Sean Doyle

    The GoPro video just goes to show how far down the pecking order even and A grade club rider is.

    • Paolo

      A Grade club? You just have to remind you how Nathan Haas dominated the NRS.

      • Sean Doyle

        You missed my point. The pro level is way way above what the average A grade club level rider is. When I can be racing A grade in my 40s you can be rest assured it is a long way off the speed and skill level of the pros. I dont know what Haas jas got to do with it.

  • Tom Wells

    Same issues in the UK. Car drivers think that cyclists shouldn’t be on the road and they also think we all run red lights. To be honest, most cycling commuters do which is disappointing as it gives the rest of us a bad reputation…

  • Derek Maher

    Ever get stuck behind a cycle tourist on a road with a continuos white line who has a darn great pole strapped to the back carrier of their bike jutting out several feet towards the center road line with a red flag attached on the end of it.Driving behind I was sorely tempted to give the flag pole a tip but resisted the impulse.The tourist built up a convoy of around 30 cars travelling at 12k per hour.Nobody wanted to cross the white line as the camera,s woud have recorded them and a nice fine and penalty points would be in the post within a few days.


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