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  • Neil

    What’s the story with Cav using his old Venge so much? Is it the braking?

    • Sean

      They’re just better than the new one.

      • Arfy

        Let’s hope the new Madone is better ;)

    • When I rode the new Venge, the braking was fine. As good as Shimano.

      • Neil

        The following tweet from Caley Fretz is interesting on this point then. Either way, Spesh will not be happy.


      • Try riding it at racing speeds, 55 km/h for an hour or two. Bike rider’s seldom revert to old kit unless there’s a problem. I suspect it’s a wet day, and that,(braking) or perhaps handling (geometry, if it differs) might be why they preferred reliability of old, rather than new

    • Evan

      If both Sagan and Cav did not ride the new Venge on the Camps-Elysees to win the most prestigious day for sprinters then clearly it is not good enough for the pro tour and possibly a nightmare for the average punter.

      • Neil

        Bit of an overstretch, it depends on why they weren’t riding it. If it’s that they were worried about braking in the wet Spesh could easily come up with a redesign.

  • 9news

    Unconfirmed report of Lance Armstrong seen running from the bullet riddled dodgem car, then donning a white bedsheet with “What would Floyd Do?” written on it.

  • Arfy

    Well that protester really got their message across. I have no idea what they were protesting about, the only thought I had was it’s a pity all the motos missed him.

  • sli1

    I like Sagan, he’s a phenom. But fair dinkum………

    • chillout

      Hes a kid, having fun on a podium. Everyone needs to lighten up.
      He gets paid to push pedals, not be PC. Besides, its pretty tame next to Olegs rants and people pissin on Froomey.

      • muz

        That’s the funniest moment over the last 3 weeks.

    • Arnie

      I think it’s a reference to the Tourminator nickname they gave him. Harmless fun.

  • Cameron Harris

    I wonder if Trek is one of the teams that Richie is meeting with? They haven’t had a GC contender since Andy Schlek left.

    • Sean

      Trek is where I reckon he’ll end up. BMC is too crowded already.

      • BMC has never been concerned about being too crowded before!

        • Sean

          yeah that is true.

        • jules

          I don’t really get what Richie benefits from here. I reckon BMC will continue to back ‘their boy’ at the Tour and Richie will get the nod for the Giro. wasn’t that the arrangement at Sky already?

          • Whippet

            You’re probably correct jules, but Richie benefits by continuing to get a big pay cheque. He was faced with a choice of joining a team with fewer resources as the sole leader, or joining a team with the finances and riders to contend for grand tour GC in the number two role. Remember, he didn’t leave Sky by choice.

            • jules

              i didn’t know about the last bit – how do you know?

              • Whippet

                You’re stretching the limits of my memory jules! I first recall hearing about it on The Cycling Podcast sometime during the spring classics. Then, there was quite a bit of talk about Porte and his agent around the time of the Giro. BBC Sport had an article in May about Porte looking for a new team. Cycling News then had an article in early June stating that Uran & Porte were both “out of contract”. It is possible that Richie told Sky that he would not stay on, but all the indications are that he was not offered a contract. That is the way it was reported here too: https://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/05/daily-news-digest-86/.

                • Dave

                  I would expect that one of the two following cases apply.

                  1. Sky offered Porte a cheap (or performance-loaded) renewal which was never intended to be accepted.

                  2. Porte felt forced into changing now at the age of 30, as his stocks would be even lower if he stayed with Sky for two more years of performing at the same plateaued level and then went on the market at the age of 32.

          • Wookie

            I must admit I had similar thoughts. I don’t see the logic for either party is a BMC/Porte deal, apart from a pay rise for Richie, as noted by Whippet below… Wouldn’t it make more sense for Porte to join a team that’s obviously lacking a GC rider?

        • Kieran Degan

          When does the transfer news usually come out?

          • Dave

            Throughout the month of August. The teams have to keep up the pretence of not having been doing transfer deals before the window opens on August 1.

      • Dave

        BMC could be a perfect place for Porte, he could get a decent paycheque working for the Gardener at the Tour and race for himself at the minor races.

    • Trek announced a couple years ago that they were rebuilding to position themselves as a Classics team. I’m sure that’ll change at some point, but I haven’t heard any indication about them interested in Richie.

      • Wookie

        Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree here, but didn’t they sign Mollema as their GC guy? I mean, he’s not a classics sort of a guy, right?

        • Good point. I guess they need someone to be seen in the GT’s.

          • Dave

            They have Bob Jungels too, he could be a white jersey contender in 2017 once Nairo Quintana is no longer eligible.

  • Bex

    No footage of la course? sounds like the final lap would’ve been great to watch.

  • CC

    TDF learnings for me this year… Sky’s Marginal Gains / untouchable attitude = people spitting, throwing piss, hitting riders… vs.. OGC (Aussie) champions, drinking laughing with fans. I’m starting to think the TDF is a race for the Fans, vs Giro which is for the riders?

    • RayG

      I think you’re victim blaming there. Seems to happen a lot around cyclists.

  • Kieran Degan

    I hope Hansen didn’t get the cup that was prepared for Froome.

    • jules

      french police now looking for aussie fans after changing theory from cup being filled with piss to XXXX that just tastes like piss

      • dsd74

        Or maybe it was an American fan throwing Budweiser or Coors Light on Froome? They’re both easily confused with piss…

        • Dave

          Would there have been any American fans left? I would have expected them to go home and return their focus to beating the world at baseball as soon as their sole contender withdrew.

          • dsd74

            Good point.
            Though I think they lost the baseball final to Canada in the PanAm games… though as there is drug testing, I assume that they didn’t send the best players…

            • Dave

              I’m pretty sure an American team will come up with the goods in the World [sic] Series.

    • Wish I was on the bike…


  • Steel

    I rode to work with a super high cadence in honour of Chris Froome today. Bloody hell it’s hard to coordinate your legs like that for a long period of time. Won’t try again.

    Anyway, I for one am happy with outcomes of the race. Froome rode a brialliant race tactically – the time gains were there in the Pyrenees. Riders looked to spent by day four in the Alps to really gain much time on him.

    Sagan was just so dominant in the points race. It’s a shame he didn’t get a stage, but you can’t help but be impressed by his consistent stage placings.

    Also, it was nice to see the KOM ending up on the back of the GC winner. I’d like to think on a parcours like this, that someone would have to put in a spectacular effort to take this prize off the best GC rider.

    Of course I won’t be holding my breath to see the power to weight analysis of Nairo Quintana who took 1.30 minutes out of the sky train on alpe duez. There’s no story in the natural altitude climber beating the so called robots from Sky.

    • jules

      you need to train your legs to hold that cadence. you can definitely get better at it. actually CT had a good video on this that I used a while ago *plug* once Lance mastered cadence… you know the rest :)

    • Whippet

      Actually, I think it was unfortunate that they changes the KOM classification this year. The race for the polka dot jersey was much more interesting in previous years. I suspect they will revert back the old points system next year, because I am not the only one who was disappointed. Doubling the points for stage wins and taking away points from the smaller climbs led to the red spots inevitably belonging to the GC winner. The 40th anniversary of the jersey was not the greatest.

      • Steel

        Fair enough. In most year’s I’d agree, with this year how can you argue that anyone other than Chris Froome was the best climber?

      • Dave

        I disagree.

        I like that the points allocations have changed so that it focuses on the genuine mountains, and it was a live competition right up until the last climb of the last Alpine stage. Under the old King Of The Molehills rules it would have been stitched up by a rider from some minor team like Europcar or Bretagne well before the final weekend.

        Instead of going backwards, the Tour should consider introducing a number of minor classifications to reward different aspects of the racing like the Giro d’Italia has. One of the Giro competitions awards points for the distance spent in breakaways, perhaps this could be copied but with additional points awarded for going over hills while in the break?

        • Whippet

          If winning the KOM is just a function of going for the GC, then what is the point of having a polka dot jersey? The best climber of the Tour was Quintana, but Froome had the the most points. The point of the jersey used to be to reward someone who performed the best in the mountains, even though that person wasn’t the best at GC. The way it worked this year, it was like a series of crits, where the GC & best sprinter were inevitably the same person.

  • BRK

    Wow… can’t believe the Tour is already over!! Congratulations to Froome. I can’t help but be impressed with the way he’s handled himself on and off the bike this last 3 weeks.
    Love him or hate him, I was also impressed with the way Valverde rode… looked like unselfish riding to me.
    Overall, I really enjoyed the Tour. Stage 20 was just such an amazing race/spectacle.

    • Kieran Degan

      I agree. I reckon stage 20 is the most exciting stage I’ve seen since Galibier in 2011. Alpe d’Huez is a great spectacle. Even the riders usually in pain on a climb like that are lapping up the atmosphere.

  • Tom Wells

    Disgusting the way the crowd at Dutch corner treated the riders from Team Sky. I wholeheartedly hope they all die in a fire.

    • horses

      What makes you think it was any different for any other rider or car from other teams? The video from the car looks a lot Beardy McBeard’s description of his experience. Maybe they saw the beard and thought he was Wiiggns…

  • Derek Maher

    Anyone else find it strange that the GC this year was reduced to 20 stages ?.

    • Dave

      Are you referring to taking the times for stage 21 on the first pass through the finish line?

      That’s a UCI rule for use when weather makes the conditions on a finishing circuit dangerous, it has been used previously in the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia (a couple of years ago it was used on a stage in the first week) and in numerous other races. Not common, but not strange either.

      • Derek Maher

        Thanks Dave for clearing things up in your postal reply.


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